Hori Considering Rumble Controller

The latest issue of Famitsu PS2 has a short Q&A session with Hori, maker of some of the finest officially-licensed PlayStation 2 peripherals. The biggest bit from the interview concerns a piece of technology that's missing from Sony's new Sixaxis controller: rumble.

Asked if Hori was considering a peripheral to give PS3 players the gift of shake, the representative stated, "We have some ideas. However, we'd need cooperation from software makers."

Let's hope some third parties are willing to make their games compatible with a non-standard rumble accessory.

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kingboy4467d ago

anything that`s got nothing to do with immersion cop. would be welcome.i strongly believe sometime next year there`s gonna be rumble on ps3

big_tim4467d ago

Look at the PS1. I know that rumble didn't exist when it first came out, but the controller was updated and took off after that. It could very well happen again. Controllers change.

specialguest4467d ago

if Hori decides to create a "rumble like" feature, i hope it'll be something uniquely special. something that'll set it apart from the Immersion rumble. then again, it HAS to be different or else they'll get their asses sued.

andy capps4467d ago

If they made it, I would buy it. Heck, I'd pay $5 or $10 extra for Sony to include it with the SixAxis.

Joe Schmoe4464d ago

If Nintendo isnt paying Imersion then they have won the battle against the patent company and all Sony would have to do is buy rights from nintendo right?

Maybe Im Wrong.

But I do know that Sony has apealed the Immersion suit and that rumble can always be implemented later on.

detroitkid4464d ago

It is certainly possible and would be a good thing for them to avoid paying Immersion.I think Sony's intent is to avoid paying any royalties to Immersion especially if its true that Microsoft owns an interest in them. All new games could automatically be made to support it and games that are made before this rumble controller(if and I hope they do make it) can be supported by a down-loadable patch. In any event I'd welcome it.

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