Colour Blind Gamers

evilredzombie writes: "I am a gamer, I am however something else….I am colour blind. This is a thorn in my flesh as a gamer. Time and time again I have been unable to play a game due to my 'disability'

A few simple examples of where my "disability "impacted on my gaming joy

Puzzle bobble- I can't differentiate between the blue and the purple the green and the yellow!

Fahrenheit – those colour sequences left me not being able to go beyond the first few minutes of the game"

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kosha3844d ago

must be pretty bad but there only a minority so games will never change to compensate for them

JoelR3844d ago

Hmm had just posted a blog on this subject

and your minority kosha is 10% of the male population....
A huge market potential.

kosha3843d ago

10% wow didnt know it was that high

JoelR3843d ago

I suggest most people read this ^_^ about colourblindess.

and the funny thing is... all Males are colourblind in comparison to females - in optical astronomy and spectroscopy females can pick up 80% more colours then males.
So if you ever wondered what the difference between periwinkle and light blue are ... now you know ^_-

kosha3836d ago

You sure know alot about colour blindness JoelR

Blackcanary3844d ago

This things should be improved no one should be left out.