PS4 much easier to publish for than XB1, according to Paradox

A chat with Paradox's Gordon Van Duke reveals that developers still feel PS4 as a friendlier system.

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NatureOfLogic2595d ago

Xbox One can only hope to sell as much as the *clears throat* original Xbox did.

s8anicslayer2595d ago

You mean as the 360, cause the original Xbox did not sell particularly well.

mouzone2595d ago

i think that was his point

falviousuk2595d ago

Trolling was his point.

I would prefer a system that keeps the crap away from the system, than allowing anyone to publish.
Allowing anyone to make a 'game' and publish it would result in a lot of rubbish being put onto the system. Much like the android store.

By using some control, this should hopefully weed out the multiple fart button games etc that will appear

nukeitall2595d ago


If you can manage to avoid or demote the crap yet keep it easy to publish would be ideal. However, having an open system often means getting a few diamonds in a sea of turds, but the diamonds tend to be humongous.

Right now MS is targeting larger or establish "indie" devs (I call them semi-pro). However, they will open it up like XNA and then the question is, how is MS going to manage the sea of turd from taking over.

s8anicslayer2595d ago


I just realized that..lmao it's been a vert long day at work for me

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user74029312595d ago

I think the market will be

50% PS4

30% Xbox One

20% WII U

True_Samurai2595d ago

Sony control 50% of the market? Lmao

JP13692595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I honestly hope it's closer than that. My favorite series are mostly Playstation exclusive, but I like the way Sony is acting now and continued competition can only help. It's as if someone awoke a sleeping giant and now they're totally focused on absolutely dominating again. All I'm saying is that I hope it takes a while to get there, so that I can enjoy the benefits of the so-called console war, i.e., more exclusives and more aggressive tactics used to generate good will (read: free shit).

Everyone should hope the stakes remain high and the margins close. We all win that way.

Edit: TrueNinja-
Do you live in a world where the PSX and PS2 never existed? Sony dominating the console market isn't unprecedented. In fact, only one of the three main players has yet to do so.

Edit 2: sckipt thinks that the major manufacturers will, when combined, control 130% of the market. Wow, that is some really bad math.
Yes, people can buy multiple systems, but market share is determined by systems sold by your company, divided by total systems sold by yourself and everyone else.

Rimeskeem2595d ago

actually when super smash bros wii u comes and playsation 4 gets the games from their big studios it will look like this globally

60% PS4
30% WII U
40% xbox one

remember people can buy multiple systems

AsimLeonheart2595d ago


I hope you do know that the PS3 has more than 30% market share despite its stumbled launch, Xbox360 launching a year earlier for a much lower price with success and Wii's runaway success. With the Wii U looking impossible to reach Wii's success levels, Xbone's negative publicity with higher price point and both consoles releasing at nearly the same time; it is entirely possible that PS4 may gain 50% of the market share or at least the majority.

admiralvic2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

@ sckipt

I suggest taking a statistics or business class, since you don't even have a logical point.

While people do "buy multiple systems", these duplicates do not make up a sum over 100% like you seem to believe. What happens is that these people are written off in favor of a number (like total sales) and then are divided by the sum of the three consoles put together.

So if 1 guy buys all 3 systems, 1 girl buys all 3 systems, 2 people buy a XB1 and 2 people buy a PS4, then the market share would be as follows...

2 Wii U - 20%
4 PS4 - 40%
4 XB1 - 40%

MWong2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

@ DirtyPimp

I would say the way the market is currently shaping up is:

60% PS4 ... Sony is on a great pace, their big 1st party AAA titles will start to come out in 2014
30% XBone ... M$ needs to lay out a concise vision to increase their market share
10% Wii-U ... without 3rd party support the Wii-U is in a lot of trouble

This current-gen shapped to be more like 39% PS3, 41% XB360 and 20% Wii (Nintendo lost a lot of ground when the 3rd party support vanished).

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JP13692595d ago


He's saying that he thinks the One is going to tank.

WooHooAlex2595d ago

It'll definitely outsell the original Xbox, it has built up a loyal user base and they appeal to a much wider audience than they did a decade ago.

In the US, I see the market share being around 60/40 (between MS and Sony) in Microsoft's favor but as far as worldwide sales, I think they'll take a beating.

Kakashi Hatake2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Why are people so certain Xbox will dominate US again? You do realize PS2s dominance didn't help PS3 nor did Wiis dominance automatically help Wii U. Why does Xbox magically keep ALL its fans? Sony has made a lot of strides and will capture a lot of US marketshare. New generation, new mindset.

Alexious2595d ago

Of course it will outsell the original Xbox, but I think in the US the situation is going to be much closer, and Sony may win by a considerable margin elsewhere.

RedHawkX2595d ago

yeah it makes sense for everyone to get the ps4 so devs can have an easier time making games and not have delays and such. ps4 for the win.

2595d ago
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JP13692595d ago

It took Sony years to regain the trust of the industry after the travesty that was the PS3 launch machine. It would be best for MS to put its head down, weather the storm, and learn its lesson.

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XboxFun2595d ago

"Of course, I’ll add that this conversation occurred before the announcement made at Microsoft’s Gamescom conference,..."

theWB272595d ago

Coming from a developer who makes PC games, released one console game 3 years ago. I mean if they still say it's hard to publish a game on X1 then there's nothing to be done.

Free kits upon approval, self publishing with no fees...I mean really c'mon.

Lolrus2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

The whole xbox one being a dev kit seems like a novel idea but one I dont think will revolutionize the scene if MS policies remain. It will be one of those ideas that seems great on paper but really has little impact, like PS home was.

Shahid Kamal is doing a wonderful job at Sony and making indies feel very welcome and is also accessible on twitter and answers as many people as possible giving advice, help etc. This open type of relationship I see as far more powerful in swaying indie devs than just opening the xbone console to indie development.

theWB272595d ago

It's not just opening the console...indie devs biggest gripe was self publishing. Now Microsoft allows self publishing, along with offering two free kits, no application or title update fees (upon acceptance). So what policies remain?

I mean...the whole thing is free once they're accepted.

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