Halo 3: First Details Emerge

In the just-redesigned December issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (subscribers should have it any day now) a handful of editors took Halo 3's multiplayer game hands-on.

The result? A 17-page cover story and a three-week series of stories on 1UP called "3 Weeks of Halo 3."

Before all of that information ends up in your hands, though -- here's a small taste of what to expect from both EGM and 1UP over the next few weeks:

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TheMART4470d ago

"In the just-redesigned December issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (subscribers should have it any day now) a handful of editors took Halo 3's multiplayer game hands-on.

The result? A 17-page cover story and a three-week series of stories on 1UP called "3 Weeks of Halo 3."

NICE Damn Gears is almost hitting the shops, it will be selling 360's this Christmas so many off them you can't imagine...

And then right with it, the hype is already building up for Halo 3... Damn man the PS3 doesn't have the time to catch breath and catch up!

Then Forza 2 just at the beginning of Q1 2007, Lost Planet, Viva Piniata (also Christmas 2006), Halo 3 by spring 2007/E3

JEES too much to play!

andy capps4470d ago

So much hype already for an already overhyped series. That's what turned me off when I got my Xbox and played the games. I've played better FPS's on PC's for sure, for a console FPS the Halo series is great. It was just made out to be the best thing since sliced bread, and it just didn't blow me away the way I thought it would. Sorry to all the fans out there, but I definitely respect Bungie and think they're a good studio. I just didn't see anything revolutionary in the games that hadn't been done before. Of course the dual wielding SMG's was a great touch, but had been done as far back as Goldeneye.

satanslilh3lp3r4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

the ps3 doesnt have time to catch up? HAHAHA! oh my god, u've reached an all-time high level of stupidity. for one, the ps3 isnt even out yet, and also, it's launch games alone beat all that the 360 has out right now, and im not even talking about the ps3 games that are coming out at the same time as ur precious (uninteresting) halo3

FirstknighT4469d ago

The launch games alone beats out everything the 360 has??? HAHA, your a joke...I thought maybe I can have decent debates with you over PS3 and XBOX but its obvious your head is way up Sonys butt. I want to debate with some real game fans...not sony drones. Not gonna waste my time reading ur posts anymore...NEXT!!!

TheMART4469d ago


Name calling reveales the ones that can't cope with the facts. Sorry for you mate.

Just because the PS3 isn't out yet and only has 500k to sell from november on AND they won't release in Europe before spring 2007, they are already far behind and won't have the time to catch up. You've just made my point. Thanks

PS3 games beat what exactly? And which? Resistance? Looking worse then COD3 and some aliens added standard FPS? 40 ppl online to have fun? Sounds like a standard game to me.

Gears of War is the thing to beat this Christmas and name me one game that can compete with that. There is none. Don't forget Viva Piniata selling systems for parents who buy Christmas stuff for their kids and even girls that want the 360 for that game alone.

And when Halo 3 comes, what's there on PS3 to talk about? Which can stand even in it's shadow? Nothing actually name the game if you can

satanslilh3lp3r4469d ago

in my post, i expressed my game opinions! they are not facts, because it's impossible for preferences to be facts! u hate on all my opinions and then u express ur own and act like they're so much better. so really u just say im a biased sony fan, and act like ur not biased MS fans. sad... oh and mart, enough with GOW already!!! in every discussion u bring up the same damn game! i have no doubt that it will be a good game, but seriously, stop talking about it. and what good games do i think the ps3 has? resident evil, mgs4, killzone, motorstorm, GT, heavenly sword, resistance, lair, ridge racer, final fantasy, DMC, warhawk, and more

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kingboy4470d ago

late 2007 would be Halo vs Killzone vs Metroid prime..wait and see!

m234470d ago

i think it will be more like halo 3 and killzone. i don't think metroid is really that high-profile to go against these two.
Just my opinion, others may think differently.

Optimus Prime4470d ago

what are you talking about. everyone said that with killzone and halo. what happened. kilzone faded off into the sunset. it wont be any different this time.

Marriot VP4470d ago

killzone's a joke, stop being so fanatic over it

satanslilh3lp3r4469d ago

just how do u know killzone 2 will be like the 1st? do you have any proof that it will not be improved at all? seriously, get real. yes, the trailer was pre-rendered, but who's to say that killzone 2 won't look like that anyways. it might not have been gameplay, but the developers have had a lot of time since the trailer was released to make the game everything it was promised to be. the real game might look exactly the same as the trailer. u never know...

Optimus Prime4468d ago

good point. but the first one that people were saying was going to be a halo killer. it didnt work out. this might be different, never now.

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TheXgamerLive4470d ago

MP isn't exactly along the lines in any category of a HALO 3, killzone is to iffy at this time.

TheMART4470d ago

ANd look even closer to the cover... 'Metal Gear Solid 4 on the 360?'

Just posted the story... Nice news in the magazine, Halo 3 many pages and then Sony's last flagship shot down?

m234470d ago

i am gonna go out and buy this mag as soon as it hits shelves

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