Microsoft Gamescom 2013 Conference

Microsoft heads to gamescom in Germany to unveil Call of Duty: Ghosts blitz mode, Fable Legends and Fighter Within. Indie devs will also be receiving support of Xbox One development, as well showing off more on FIFA 14 and The Division.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr33446d ago

Games...people can play. That's what it's about is it not?

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starchild3446d ago

Looks like Microsoft is also doing some great things for indie gaming on XB1.

Gazondaily3446d ago

It was funny to see the indie developers mention Sony as an example in Microsoft's indie segment. Hats off to MS for being good sports there. An indirect nod to Sony by MS.

Blackdeath_6633445d ago

WTF? how is it indirect when they directly mentioned sony's name? also that moment was extremely cringeworthy.

Gazondaily3445d ago

It's an indirect nod to Sony to say that, we concede, you got us here. The fact that they inserted that segment says it all.

So yeah, reading comprehension....

thechosenone3446d ago

Gamescom: The Most Exciting New PlayStation Titles

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NYC_Gamer3446d ago

MS had nothing ground breaking to announce no wonder they chose to host some back room event

tuglu_pati3446d ago

Sorry, but what did Sony showed that was ground breaking?

sobotz3446d ago

It's awesome because it's becoming the new Ouya

NYC_Gamer3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Nope,in my opinion the Sony conference wasn't ground breaking and also needed some new huge exclusive being revealed..I can't even pretend to be excited about any GC conference that happened today.

golding893446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Lol I am not sure what people are talking about. Sony did not show anything groundbreaking either.

Both MS and Sony did not.

Rimeskeem3446d ago

nothing but they have it and we know it now

Kingthrash3603446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

lol now all of a sudden indies are a bad fanboys reach BEYOND comprehension.
nothing really ground breaking is true because they announced all that instead of more of the same they showed new indie games, vita price drop, ps3 price drop, ps4 release info on announced games like infamous and GT, new lbp game for ps3.and more like twitch (something ms fanboys boasted about when announced for x1) they showed user interface for ps4 killzone remote play...I can go on.

what did ms show? a busted fighting game and a online fable? gtfo.

malokevi3446d ago

I'll take 1 tripple A game and one potentially fun Kinect game over a bunch of side scrollers and indie games... personally.

I think Sony's conference was way too showey... especially considering they didn't show anything that great. They played it up like crazy. the best part was the dashboard stuff at the very beginning.

Why do I get the impression that Japanese people spoon-feed this showey crap to Americans because they think we like it? GET TO THE POINT!

MS didn't showcase anything that great either... but the Indie support news was brief, concise, and great. Fable is good. Exclusive smartglass support is great. Bundles.... good stuff. Well played, I think.

PFFT3446d ago

Sonys Conference was a freaking YAWNFEST!
They did no better than MS.

4Sh0w3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Not groundbreaking but great if you like games. Why do people expect the invention of the wheel at every conference. Its impossible to do, it costs money so you would think after micro announcing so many games already gamers would be satisfied to SEE those games in action rather than announcement after announcement of games way off in 2016 and so on. No matter which console you pick with the inclusion of great multis theres NO way either of theses consoles don't have enough to play for the next 18 months+. Lets not forget both are feature packed with more services at launch than any console weve ever seen. So then why complain, what do you want?

Narutone663445d ago

When will the XB1 go on sale? Sony already announced theirs.

GoodnessGreatness3445d ago

Sony showed tons of game support coming from developers around the world whether it's indie, 3rd party and their big worldwide studios. Sony captured a big chunk of game developers to make games for their console. Now that is ground breaking.

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sobotz3446d ago

free FIFA and new Fable are still better than not announcing any AAA games at all

Kingthrash3603446d ago stop reaching.
new fable was expected and online fifa....anyone with half a brain know you can buy a ps4 +fifa for less......smh @ xbots in denial.

cyguration3446d ago

The Reputation Management is strong with this one.

Virus2013446d ago


"new fable was expected and online only"
"online only"

So are many of the other most anticipated games of next gen (The Division, The Crew, Titanfall, etc.) Like it or not, that's where games are heading sooner or later. It's just a matter of time and whether you're willing to accept it or not.

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DigitalRaptor3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Oh right because we all know exhaustive budget status makes everything better right? Maximum focus on AAA is what has been ruining studios this entire generation.

There are in general better concepts and original GAMEPLAY ideas coming from indie developers than most AAA launch titles on Xbox One. I thought gameplay was more important than anything, and that is what indies provide in spades. But that's besides the point. You're just trolling.

Blackdeath_6633445d ago

you have to preorder to get fifa free and only in europe also buying a ps4 plus fifa is still cheaper than buying the xbox one on its own.

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Virus2013446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

What did you want them to do? Spend over 50+ minutes talking about indie games and other exclusives that have already been announced?

If I wanted to buy a console that supports indie games and doesn't have Netflix behind a paywall, i'll save $299 and buy an OUYA.

1lawrence3446d ago

Oya can play uncharted n last of us to right?lol xbots brains

Muerte24943446d ago

Twitch seems to think otherwise.

HiddenMission3446d ago

So unless it's a huge AAA IP it doesn't matter to you really and not ground breaking. I thought Rime and Murisakibaby were crazy cool...Journey wasn't a huge AAA title but it left a huge impact on the industry.

What has MS really brought to the table?

NYC_Gamer3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

That's why i said both events weren't ground breaking in my opinion..I guess that's my fault for expecting more huge software to be revealed at GC..The indie announcements were cool but they weren't huge killer reveals as many people are making them out to be...MS didn't have anything ground breaking that's why they hid in some closed back room.

Mystogan3446d ago

yeah because sony conference was so interesting...NOT

Microsoft crushed Sony at Gamescom.

DigitalRaptor3446d ago

In what way? How many new games did Sony announce VS. Microsoft.

Narutone663445d ago

How could MS "crush" Sony when MS did not have any conference in the first place?

bligmerk3446d ago

What the hell is with this article? MS didn't have any conference. In fact, it was a last minute decision to not have a stage presentation at all and just send out overnight announcements. You want to talk about WEAK! Then they send their damage control zombies out to comment the hell out of N4G, and PR themselves to *WINNING*!

Still no-show at FCC and launching in 13 countries versue the PS4 in 32 countries. This slow motion train wreck continues in excruciating crunchiness.

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xjatsx3446d ago

@ 2.43 i want them to be like sony

Thatguy-3103446d ago

lol at that part haha little by little they are becoming like Sony.

xjatsx3446d ago

sorry 2 mins 53 sec lol that

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