Jolt: Red Faction: Guerrilla First Impressions

It's all Halo's fault. Or, rather, perhaps Jolt should be saying that it's all thanks to Halo. Sitting here, in a hotel just a stone's throw from London's massive Victoria station, though no-one has actually suggested as much, the shockwaves from Master Chief's opening salvo can still be felt today, in 2008. Bungie's celebrated shooter made console FPS's the norm, rather than the frowned upon, and almost at once every console was awash with shooters of their own.

Though the original Red Faction was very much a part of that initial revolution, it's coming up to six years since its sequel made a splash on the last console collective, and Volition is no doubt conscious of avoiding the trap of adding on next-gen bangs and baubles to a last-gen shooter: the most refreshing thing about this entire presentation is the assertion that, on every level, Red Faction: Guerrilla is no Red Faction III.

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