N++ Debuting Exclusive on the PS4, Releasing this Winter

N++ will launch exclusively for the PS4.

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Rimeskeem3961d ago

they have there studios too they just have yet to announce many of their titles but indie isnt bad at all

3961d ago
aquamala3961d ago

big difference between

console exclusive
console exclusive debut

HammadTheBeast3961d ago

I'm pretty sure all the N+ games have been exclusive to PSP/PS3 may be wrong tho.

negative3961d ago

I have N+ for Xbox 360 Arcade.

MajorLazer3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

N+ is on the 360 too. OT: N+ is an amazing game. I spent countless hours playing that game on my PSP. Btw, seems like most of these indie games will be, how N4G members say, 'timed exclusive'.

Convas3961d ago

You're wrong. A quick google could've prevented that however.

Neixus3961d ago

got it on my xbox, only reason i use it lol. So fun game to play with friends

Sgt_Slaughter3961d ago

I have it for my DS Lite/3DS XD

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Timesplitter143961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I'm so sick of hearing those "exclusively available first" and "launching exclusively on" and "timed exclusive downloadable launch debut paid content exclusively breathed on by me for a limited time" from both Sony and MS it's driving me nuts. Say you've got exclusives when you have the full game exclusive to your console. Stop it with this BS already

user74029313961d ago

a platformer to create original games huh, i wonder how far they'll take this.

ZeroX98763961d ago

OMG!!!! Absolutly loved N+ on my 360. I was hoping we would get N+ on PS3, but this is even better!

GiantEnemyCrab3961d ago

My comment will be launching exclusively on N4G! But you can find it on all the other sites soon..

GusBricker3961d ago

I think you're missing a "debut" in there somewhere. ;)

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Sony Rewards Program Is Coming To An End on Dec. 31, 2024

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it is ending the Sony Rewards program on December 31, 2024, and as a result that date will be the last time possible to redeem points and access your account.

helicoptergirl4d ago

This is a shame. I've been using it since the start. It had a few problems and issues but overall I did end up saving a little bit over 60 dollars using this program. There was probably not enough people using it.

Cacabunga4d ago

Is it playstation stars?? I really never understood it. I am still level 1

PS_HCT4d ago

This is not playstation stars. Sony Rewards is a US rewards program linked to a visa credit card.

darthv724d ago

I just checked... I have 144 points at the moment. Not even enough to get a $5 PS card. I can get a $1 digital gift card to Target or home Depot though.

blackblades3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I thought they were been done with this, I redeem some good stuff with this in the past. Wonder how much i got its been awhile

OtterX4d ago

I've gotten so many free games throughout the years w this program, this sucks. I've been with it since the beginning.

I just run a majority of my needed purchases through it and pay it off immediately instead of using cash or debit. The most recent was on Tuesday I got a $10 dlc free. It was great as long you're not borrowing out large amounts of money that you don't have.

ChasterMies4d ago

Realistically, those weren’t free games. You could have used another cards rewards points or bought Sony products on sale and then used the savings to buy PlayStation games.

OtterX4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Well there was a large boost on any purchase made on PSN, so there was an incentive to use over other cards' rewards. It used to be better, then they lowered it. I forget the exact multiplier though.

I pretty much got this $10 DLC free this week just by resubbing my PS+ Premium. (On sale during Days of Play) Not a lot of other cards would give that much back