PlayTM: God of War: Chains of Olympus Review - By Hades, this is portable perfection

PlayTM writes: "Seeking to rid his mortal soul of the torment brought on by his unwitting actions in the murder of his own wife and child, Kratos must battle to restore light to a world plunged into darkness by the festering black fog of Morpheus. Across an immersive narrative arc that sees foul tempered Kratos (the 'Ghost of Sparta') rubbing blood-stained shoulders with the likes of Greek legends the Goddess Athena, the Titan Atlas, and Persephone the Queen of the Underworld, players will find themselves traversing a wide variety of testing environments.

Those environments will see Kratos tasked with all manner of challenges that lead him towards successive confrontations with a giant Basilisk mauling the city of Attica, puzzle-based progress through the Temple of Helios, and seemingly endless battles with the undead in the perilous."

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