PlayTM: Wii Fit Review - Adding wobble to the waggle

PlayTM writes: "Wii Fit is going to make Nintendo money by the bucket load. But rest assured there is some pretty impressive substance behind the hype. This is to Nintendo's credit as even a lesser incarnation of Wii Fit would still fly off shelves. But thanks to the high ideals and morals of the Nintendo Corporation (who are we kidding - thanks to their desire to print money), we have a game that delivers on all they ever promised us about lifestyle gaming.

The game starts by introducing your Mii to the wonderful world of physical improvement. A combination of your height and weight are used to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) that sets the starting point for your Wii Fit experience. From here you set some targets - how much weight do you want to gain or loose. You can then check back here to see how well you are progressing and whether you are on target for hitting your goals in the allotted time."

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