Boom Blox producer impressed by 'gamer' Spielberg - Spielberg revealed as Crysis fan

Steven Spielberg, aside from being one of the most successful movie directors on the planet, is definitely a serious games fan, and his involvement with EA's forthcoming Wii title Boom Blox has been far greater than a line for PR.

That's according to Amir Rahimi, senior producer on the Boom Blox project, who spoke to at a Nintendo media event in San Francisco.

"I was actually pretty surprised to find out how much of a gamer Steven Spielberg is," said Rahimi. "He - regularly, when we meet with him - makes references to games that a lot of us game developers haven't played or haven't played in years. But also recent games, like Crysis, he talks a lot about."

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jollygoodchap83845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

That he is the ONLY one that can afford such a rig, that can play Crysis at its true maximum.