Harmonix: Euro Rock Band won't get "magically get cheaper"

Responding to a post in the Rock Band forums, Harmonix development manager Greg LoPiccolo has said that the European version of the rhythm action game would "not magically get cheaper because you wish it to be so."

"We are strongly motivated to keep the price as low as possible," he said. "That said, we don't propose to lose money on it. The fact of the matter is, the costs of releasing in Europe are far higher than in the US, in some ways uniquely so for Rock Band compared to other game titles, because of the size of the peripherals."

LoPiccolo refused to reveal details of the European pricing structure as that "would get me fired". However, he did reveal that...

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PirateThom3846d ago

And it won't "magically" sell either.

dabizo3846d ago

LOL I agree - £180 for a game is way too expensive. I think this is just another price hike for European suckers! Well not this one, Harmonix you can Suck Off!

RedSoakedSponge3846d ago

remember they dont include the game in that package so we'll have to pay an extra 50 quid for that as well. I can understand what hes saying about the size of the pack costing alot to ship, but i cant believe they cant fit the damn game in there. THAT is just out of order imo.


Mike Bowden3846d ago

If it costs that much to ship, how come you can import the PS3 version including shipping for around 50 - 60 pounds cheaper?