Good Cop, Bad Cop: GTA IV's Multiplayer

IGN Australia wrote: "With everything that's been said, seen, speculated on and editorialised, I don't think anyone can dispute that Grand Theft Auto IV is destined for greatness. It's practically written in the stars. But one area that has remained puzzling and elusive has been the multiplayer component to the game. How does it work? What's the performance like? How does it control? Towering above all else, is it fun enough to pull you away from the assuredly awesome single-player story?

We're going to take a slightly different tack with our look at GTA IV's multiplayer; with a number of solid arguments for and against some of the game's decisions, we thought it might be cool to do a 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' discussion, with Cam taking the sour, embittered Bad Cop role and yours-truly taking the glowingly affirmative stance.

Who's right? Who's wrong? Honestly – you won't know until you play it.

But at least you won't have long to wait…"

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Ben10543932d ago

i hope the dualshock 3 comes out in may so i can play gta with it,
Im prety sure it will because in hmv if u buy grand torismo you get a sixaxis for alost half price, probably to get rid of stock

Grown Folks Talk3932d ago

You know there will be some corrupt cops that will turn on you & let the vip escape.