More shots of the new PS Store

SCEE put out some new screens of the new PlayStation Store this morning, which is now confirmed as launching on April 15 in Europe.

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Feihc Retsam3895d ago

I agree...
Very aesthetically pleasing. I just hope the functionality and navigation is intuitive. I give XBOX Live points for being easy to navigate, although it's not always easy to find the specific piece of content you're looking for.

This battle for ONLINE SUPREMACY will only benefit us, the gamers as the PSN and XBOX Live continue to 1-up each other....

Hopefully PSN will evolve into a more unified community (and I'm not talking about HOME... Home is not an efficient way to hop online, connect and play, it's more of an MMO/SIM experience)

And hopefully MS will setup more dedicated servers to ensure lag-free gameplay as SONY turns up the heat..

PimpHandHappy3895d ago

and any improvement is always welcome

sandip7873895d ago

i wonder why its on a tuesday though

Marceles3895d ago

Better on a Tuesday than a Thursday to me...

sandip7873895d ago

true dat. sooner the better really, but i was just curious.

Spike473895d ago

the U.S.?

I hope they give a demo along with it.

Marceles3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Seems like it's gonna be a worldwide April 15th launch. Playstation Blog also said they have a "special surprise" on Monday, so maybe it's something really good. In Japan we already know every 50th person to go into the store gets a free PSN game, so they're probably doing something like that for the US as well...or better!

Blackcanary3895d ago

I hope the special surprise on monday rocks are socks of. I need to start doing more stuff get busy maybe i should do my course work then that would make time go faster. next thing we know it, its Monday Hello Special Surprise.

Damn it sony what is it is it a BAKED CAKE sent to ever PS3 owners house saying welcome to the new improved PS Store lol hmmmmm cakeeeeeeee. (^0^)

power0919993895d ago

Could be related to GT5:P releasing in the US. They don't want to miss all the downloads I guess.

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