Phil Harrison: there are more Xbox One exclusives, exclusive DLC and franchise reboots to come

Microsoft has never been afraid to pay out for exclusives, and it looks like things will be no different for Xbox One. Most interesting is the talk of franchise reboots and reimaginings

Mario183984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

Well obviously. The console wars are about to begin or already have begun.

If there were no more exclusives then what would be the point of releasing a console?

dirigiblebill3984d ago

Reboots, though. Microsoft has a fair few classic IP in the can it could get more juice out of.

The_Con-Sept3984d ago

Reboots? What happened to perfect dark and banjoe kazooie?

HammadTheBeast3984d ago

Then show them pls.

I love how the first line is "MS has never been afraid to pay up for exclusives".

Cmk01213984d ago

thats a good thing for their fans is it not?

Minato-Namikaze3984d ago

Thing is they are usually timed. The best route has always been to cultivate your own talent and build a solid 1st party from within while adding talent from the outtside to fill in your holes.

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evilunklebud3984d ago

I hate exclusives.... on both sides.

It would be cool not to have to buy both systems like I did this current gen...

I do find it funny that it is only bad when MS does it, not Sony, at least on n4g.

thehitman3984d ago

Sony owns their own studios thats why they dont shell out money for "timed games". MS doesnt have the developer might so they have to throw their money at 3rd parties to get their games for limited time. If you really hate what goes on then you should be hating MS from top to bottom, but from your comment you look like a really uniformed gamer.

Godmars2903984d ago

It odd to say the least that while MS has in-house studios as well, have had them longer than they've been into consoles, that they've repeatedly managed them to the seemingly inactive states that they have.

Rare has to be the worst example of what MS does as a 1st party dev.

TheTwelve3984d ago

Thank God for exclusives! On both sides!

SpecialSauce3984d ago

Micropenis does it most often, paying money so people on the Super awesome Sony side have to wait for it just because they through money at a developer #seriouslydoe

JokesOnYou3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

yeah Godmars because sony studios like SCE London, Japan, San Diego, Liverpool, Zipper, Incognito, and BigBig have been hitting it out of the park with megahits for 10yrs.

hitman sony cant AFFORD to shell out money to 3rd parties like micro can thats WHY they dont, they need to pick their spots more carefully like with Bungie for Destiny. Since they've closed a few of the above "stellar" studios maybe ps will see more exclusive 3rd party content.

Godmars2903984d ago


They've been making *GAMES* with general appeal. Been allowed to develop their ideas as apposed to being told to "make this because its hip-n-happen'in".

They don't sell as well as COD, but they do well enough. And Sony supports them for that.

JokesOnYou3984d ago

Yeah Godmars but your tone seems to be one sided, when Rare makes stuff like Kameo, Banjo, and Viva Pinata is released its whats this crap? Aren't they just making *GAMES* with general appeal or is micro holding a gun to their heads to throw a chainsaw gun and Alien hordes in Kameo? No, but general appeal games like Kinect and anything without guns are bad on xbox but when sony studios pump out thes general appeal games its because they are just in it for the love of gaming. lol, OK.

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Godmars2903984d ago

Always hated the "content for content's sake" approach MS seems to take. When they get something like Gears of Halo it comes off more as an accident which they then run into the ground.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33984d ago

"When they get something like Gears of Halo it comes off more as an accident which they then run into the ground."


CRAIG6673984d ago

Do you assume Sony gets their franchises for free?

Hicken3984d ago

Sony tends to DEVELOP theirs. And many of the ones they don't make in-house, are afforded them through relationships with the devs/publishers in question(Quantic Dream, ATLUS/NIS/GUST, Level 5, etc).

That's a little different from approaching a company making a game- often multiplat, like TitanFall- and BUYING its exclusivity.

negative3984d ago

Welcome to business 101 fanboys!!!!!!!!!!

XboxFun3984d ago

It doesn't matter to these Sony fanboys. One minute they'll turn around and say MS has no exclusives, then they'll say MS isn't making their own exclusives, then they'll say MS is only buying exclusive content, then they'll say MS has deep pockets to afford exclusives.

You can't please these Sony fanboys with their constant backtracking and paper thin arguments.

When Destiny and Watchdogs announced exclusive content for PS4 it was clapping, applauding and cheering on this site. When MS does it, it's all back ally pay-offs, bad for the industry and now the new excuse of "we don't like exclusive content for systems."

That's the new around here I keep reading, now exclusive content hurts the industry. Then how in the heck do you separate the consoles now that almost every 3rd party title will be multiplat?

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CalamityCB3984d ago

They're right, look how much they payed for Rare and their IPs.

Themba763984d ago

yea M$ trying to be the New York Yankees (I hate the Yankees BTW) with buying there way to a championship.

gamertk4213984d ago

As long as they win! Championship!

UnHoly_One3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

I have a question...

What difference does it make HOW a game becomes an exclusive??

Gears of War was no less of an awesome exclusive game for MS to have just because they don't own Epic and didn't develop the game themselves.

The end result to the gamer is that a game ends up on one console and if they want it, they have to buy that console.

Everyone that doesn't read gaming news websites will neither know nor care HOW it became an exclusive game.

I just don't get how anyone actually uses this as an argument when attacking MS. Is this really the best we can come up with?

MS is evil because they like to spend money in order to give us a good game to play?

Yeah, I totally get it now. /s

Dee_913984d ago

Don't expect much thought behind a fanboy argument.That goes for all 4 sides.