IGN UK's World in Conflict: Soviet Assault preview

It's fair to say that strategy titles have so far struggled to gain a foothold on consoles, the demands of the genre never satisfyingly accommodated by analogue sticks and D-pads that are more in tune with directing bullet-fire into the path of countless foes than dictating entire battlefields. But look out upon the gaming ocean that is 2008 and in the middle distance you'll see a swell of change, with a number of high profile strategy games heading to the current generation of consoles.

At the tip of this wave is World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, a fresh take on last year's barnstorming PC title that asked what would happen if the Cold War never ended, and answered this question with a barrage of spectacular nuclear assaults that resulted in one of the most action-oriented strategy games to date. IGN UK went to the otherwise serene Swedish city of Malmo to see the game's original developers, Massive Entertainment, hand the baton over to Swordfish Studios for what's set to be one of the most explosive titles of the summer.

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