Pokkén Fighters Might Be That Mysterious Pokémon Game With Lucario

A new Pokémon title was teased during Pokémon Game Show with a brief image of Lucario and Blaziken about to face off. The title was not formally announced, but Siliconera believes it may be called Pokkén Fighters or Pokkén Tournament.

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GeckoPutt1937d ago

Pokkén? -_-

*mind jumps to Pokémon and Tekken crossover and explodes*

mii-gamer1937d ago

that would be interesting. Crossing over to the fighting genre would be refreshing for the series.

ABizzel11937d ago

They can't even get Tekken x SF done.

But I could see a SF x Pokemon.

gedden71937d ago

And I be Pokken!! Pokken to the left, Pokken to the right lmao!!!

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SpiralTear1937d ago

Interesting, but will there be other Pokemon aside from the more humanoid ones, or will it mostly stick to Fighting types? It does sound like a fighting game after all.

falcon971937d ago

Wow i said it was a clip from an actual wiiu game and it seems i was right ?? i will defo get this..

_QQ_1937d ago

Hmmm i really hope it has more than just fighting types if this is true,because i would love to have Gengar and scyther in this kind of game.

kirbyu1937d ago

Why's it have to be fighting types only?

Khordchange1937d ago

Yes yes yes yes that sounds too beast