Console Monster: George of the Jungle Review

Console Monster writes: The Nintendo Wii console is associated with being the next-generation 'children' console because of its fun factor and amount of 'children-based' titles. Almost every week a new infant-aimed title is released for the Nintendo Wii and when I had the opportunity to review George of the Jungle, I swung at the chance. [Fired -Ed]

The George of the Jungle Wii game is based on Nicktoons cartoon which uses the famous catchphrase from the 1997 movie, "George, George, George of the Jungle, watch out for that tree" and adds characters that children (and possibly adults) will find entertaining. Like all cartoons, George of the Jungle has a storyline where one of the characters will have a problem and the main character(s) aim is to fix this problem.

The storyline in George of the Jungle is that George and his sidekick, Ape, are off on an adventure in the Jungle of Mbebwe, when they come across Magnolia and Ursula arguing at who was ill first – typical women behaviour. Also arguing are the fathers of the girls Dr. Towel Scott - a doctor who believes in science - and The Witch Doctor - a doctor who believes in magic. The doctors are fighting over a remedy book which could cure the girls' illness and the book is stolen from their grasp by Tookie-Tookie, a rare jungle bird. It's up to George to recover the pages of the book which have been scattered around the jungle and return them to Dr. Scott...

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