Xbox One console bundles to extend beyond FIFA 14

The FIFA 14 Xbox One bundle is just the first of many Xbox One bundles planned for release, Microsoft has suggested.

Posting on Xbox Wire, Microsoft announced the FIFA 14 Xbox One console bundle, but its wording indicates further bundles will follow.

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rainslacker3458d ago

You know what this means? Sony may counteract it by offering their own free game offerings. Hooray for competition.

jackanderson19853458d ago

they already did with the free Drive Club.... i'd say MS pumped money into EA which I can't see sony doing, it's not exactly in their history

rainslacker3458d ago

hmmm...yeah I suppose.:( Still that's a F2P version of the game. I was speaking of a full retail release game.

We'll see. I'm happy for the people that get the free game, particularly if they're looking forward to that game.

theWB273458d ago

You aren't receiving the full Driveclub for free.

slimeybrainboy3458d ago

I'm not sure what's going on but this has to be about more than money. Look at what's happening:

EA drops online pass
Announce Titanfall exclusive
Announce FIFA14 UT exclusive content
MS announce DRM
MS remove DRM
EA and MS announce partnership
Now this

There is more to this than money, it is some kind of strategy they have, there are things we don't know.

jackanderson19853458d ago

ha depending what the other continents get i'd love the choice... mainly cuz i'm crap at Fifa

Bundi3458d ago

Killer Instinct was already Xbox One's equivalent to Drive Club in terms of freebies since neither of them are the complete retail game. With the exception of course that you don't need a paid subscription to get KI.

This is a full game and so DC does not compare whatsoever.

wickedgil243458d ago

It was Killer Instinct for X1 & Driveclub for PS4. Both like demos.

lastofgen3458d ago

sony aren't offering the full game of drive club, just a portion of it.

shivvy243458d ago

PS4 + Fifa = $460
X1 + Free Fifa = $500

hell if sony bundles fifa for $460 then that would be a huge slap on the face for MS


Drive club is not free. You need to pay for plus to get the game which is not even full retail. Nice try tho

timl2413458d ago


XB1 + Kinect 2 + FIFA 14 = $500

PS4 + FIFA 14 + Eye Toy = $520

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SymphonicRain3458d ago

Yeah this is pretty cool for One buyers. I hope Sony retaliates, even though they've had my purchase since February.

MysticStrummer3458d ago

Sony has already announced several full F2P games for PS4 that don't even require PS+ for online play.

Besides that, buying a PS4 and a game that's free on the One is still cheaper than buying the One and getting that game for free.

But, I guess this will at least sweeten the deal for those who don't like the idea of paying for a camera they don't really want.

GraveLord3458d ago

Playstation Plus already covers that. Sony isn't expect to react so Microsoft reacting.

rainslacker3458d ago

I think my bigger point was that this is a good thing for all parties involved. It is good for the X1 buyers in Europe, particularly those that want FIFA, and it's good for Sony players because it puts the pressure on Sony to "one up" them, which could possibly lead to them offering something more.

I'm perfectly happy with what Sony is already offering, and it's more than what most systems launch with.

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M-M3458d ago

Xbox One COD bundle confirmed.

sobotz3458d ago

I bet US is getting Madden instead COD

True_Samurai3458d ago

I wouldn't mind a Lil Madden

mouzone3458d ago

is the cod gonna be free or is it just a bundle for 559.99?

etownone3458d ago

That would be a huge Megaton.

And make the Xbox One totally worth the price in comparison to PS4.

TripC503458d ago

I had a dream...that the Xbox One will ship with the Halo 2 HD remake. This dream was wet.

pompombrum3458d ago

Holy crap, if they had Halo 2 mp in HD otherwise untouched, I'd pay double the current cost of the Xbox One for it.

shivvy243458d ago

now heres a definition of insanity

LoveOfTheGame3458d ago

Insanity would be not buying that sweet HD mp. Who's the real crazy one here?

I should just get off of my unicorn and slap you.

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vigilante_man3458d ago

How can a game sell out when it is a digital download?

Can you download a game without Live subscription? Hope so.

wickedgil243458d ago

I think it's a token, so hopefully!

n4rc3458d ago

They have bought a certain amount of downloads for it I'd assume

vigilante_man3458d ago

That would make more sense. Cheers.

Guerrilla3458d ago

Nah, I think Major Nelsons stock comment was directed at the consoles and not at the game...

urwifeminder3458d ago

Sweet news hope the freebie comes with the day one edition very nice.

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