Call of Duty: Ghosts to use dedicated servers on Xbox One, new “Blitz” game type revealed

Gamescom 2013: Call of Duty: Ghosts to use dedicated servers on Xbox One, new “Blitz” game type revealed

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drsfinest722818d ago

No dedicated servers for pc or ps4? Man they should of live stream all this..

GamingWithMack2818d ago

Not known if exclusive to Xbox One yet. Probably not.

magzter2818d ago

One of the big announcements about Xbox Gold on the X1 was Microsoft providing dedicated servers for games.

trafalger2818d ago

it wouldnt be exclusive, the problem is sony does not provide servers to 3rd party publishers. at least they never did in the past. call of duty used demonware on the ps3 which is why when call of duty launches on the ps3 there are more issues than we see on the x360. thats because on the x360 its handled on m$ end. activision has to guess how much demand is on the ps3 whereas m$ takes care of all that. now that m$ is going to have 300,000 servers around the globe expect that gap to increase which is why sony is now charging to play online. m$ has invested billions of dollars into their online structure.

van-essa2818d ago

It's not XB1 exclusive (at least I don't think so), they would be screaming it from every rooftop if it were the case. Come on people get real, expect Sony to reveal the same later during their conference.

Kingdom Come2817d ago

Microsoft are openly handing Dedicated Server's to First and Third-Party developers, as to ensure the X1 Version of games have the greater online experience.

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Kingthrash3602818d ago

I had the same thought.....I really doubt it.

Gazondaily2818d ago

Yeah I doubt the PS4 version won't have dedicated servers.

I'm glad P2P is fast becoming a thing of the past now. Finally!

Blackdeath_6632818d ago

WTF???!!! i don't get it what is the point of Xbox one's "Advanced matchmaking" using the "power of the cloud" when most next gen games are using dedicated servers?

PtRoLLFacE2818d ago

lol dedicated servers are provided by the cloud moron

_FantasmA_2817d ago

They just say they have TrueSkill matchmaking or some BS so people will be tricked into thinking that they are getting their money's worth. I always used to get put on bad teams on Gears and Halo. True Skill my ass, more like True Lies.

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Wizziokid2818d ago

"No dedicated servers for pc or ps4?"

Where does it say that?

JackStraw2818d ago

apparently you don't understand question marks.

B-radical2818d ago

It does seem alot of next gen games are going dedicated servers

gazgriff2k122818d ago

dedicated servers are not a magic fix. ask pc players what they think of cod's netcode

sorane2818d ago

I'm a pc player and I can't remember one time since cod4 where I have experienced lag or anything in a CoD game I own. Granted I don't play the game a whole lot, but I can't remember having any problems at all.

famoussasjohn2818d ago

They'll probably say more stuff for servers on PC later, they usually don't have details to share until the last month or so until launch.

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Kingthrash3602818d ago

more cod news!!!!!! sooo last year...
jokes aside dedicated severs for cod now....they are really trying to catch it just really unimpressed with ghosts.....I thought with new consoles they would wow me....they didnt....bf4 for me this year...cod after

CerebralAssassin2818d ago

They are both launch day purchases for me. I dont need to pick. Luckily.

drsfinest722818d ago

They did dedicated servers for gears and they forced you to buy a dlc for it. I bet they are going to force some sort of dlc just so you could get didicated servers

tokugawa2818d ago

What are you talking about????????? I dont remember anyone forcing me to buy dlcto play gears on-line


lastofgen2818d ago

lol what??
I never purchased dlc to have access to gears dedicated servers... what are you talking about? :/


when gears 3 launched it had Dedicated servers out the door, but also some games were played P2P, like if the servers were down or whatever.

Then they changed it so only people who downloaded a particular dlc would play on the servers and if you didn't you played P2P.

There was never a problem playing online but to get on the servers you needed the dlc basically. although if I remember right I think TD could still be played on servers , but you needed the dlc for any of the other game modes

famoussasjohn2818d ago

What? Could you at least attempt to troll decently?

TheKingWilliamV2818d ago

OMG!!! Yes dedicated servers great news Microsoft now keep up the good work at Gamescon.

(prepares flame shield)

tokugawa2818d ago

Dedicated servers for cod.... I will now buy this.

If this is a microsoft exclusive thing. Then they should start shouting it

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