Sony: Web sales will rule by 2018

MCV: Sony Computer Entertainment UK MD Ray Maguire has predicted that 90 per cent of games sales will be taking place online in ten years' time.

Maguire predicted: "Ten years from now, the ratio of games sales will have gone from 90 per cent in-store to 90 per cent online."

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Citizen Cook3841d ago

... Just what i've been saying all along...


The Killer3841d ago

no one can predicts people habits!!

The Killer3841d ago

it least they give it time like 10 years no like MS saying DVD or DD next year!

sony gave us something in between then which is blue ray and it will be good for the next 5-10 years to come!

PirateThom3841d ago

See, this is logical, unlike Microsoft's 1 year nonsense, but still way off, it may see a beginning of an infrastructure, but it will still be another 10 years after that before it takes off.