Artist rendering of Xbox 360's 'Newton' controller

Providing a better idea of what the Xbox 360's "Newton" prototype controller may look like, Jacob Metcalf from 8bitjoystick has posted this artist rendering.

"Lots of people took issue with the diagram that their source drew in MS Paint so I did an 'artist rendering' in my moleskin notebook of what I think the 'Newton' might look like," Metcalf wrote.

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SPARTAAN3841d ago

did a 6 year old draw that

gaffyh3841d ago

Lol bubbles for you, this must be the worlds worst artist, I can't believe this was approved.

yesah3841d ago

lol exactly what i thought, 'this is an artists rendering?'

hollowtipz_3603841d ago

u cant draw any beter stop lyin to ya self

Slayer OP3841d ago

I cant help but laught at the drawing.

Spinner3841d ago

Wow, great "rendering"

Max Power3841d ago

more like fartist....burn....

edhe3841d ago

you can draw better?

Ares843841d ago

I can.....
Anyone should be able to draw better!

Max Power3841d ago

because i am able to use photoshop and other computer prgrams which would allow me to make a better rendering than that.

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The story is too old to be commented.