Indie Devs get Free X1 Kits

Today Indie devs can apply and register for the program. With it, they receive two free Xbox One Dev kits.

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drsfinest722817d ago

Wonder if this could be abused in any way.. hmm

HolyDuck2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

This could really work in microsofts favour, not really sure what Sonys stance on dev kits is.

But all in all, I hope both Sony & MS do free dev kits, would really kick start the next generation of indie games.

PeaSFor2817d ago


and they also got inspired by sony and the Play Tv thing.

what next? MS will also include a bluray player? ...oh wait.

JhawkFootball062817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

My eyes must deceive me as I thought the title said Microsoft. Yet all I see in the comments are Sony promoters.

Back on topic, this is really great for all indie developers.

gaffyh2817d ago

@Jhawk - It doesn't say Microsoft in the title. So your eyes do deceive you...

tw0qwk2817d ago

wtf is play tv??

i thought playstation was just about games... oh wait.

FrigidDARKNESS2817d ago

Sony has a program similar but the Indie developers have to return it after one year of use.

2817d ago
HammadTheBeast2817d ago

Sony also gives free dev kits.

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rainslacker2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Appears it's only applicable to established devs who've shipped a game, or have the proper credentials. Not really for the start up basement indie teams.

Pretty good move on MS part to entice indie devs to get started on the system.


It's a good start. Depending on the team even a reasonably priced dev kit can cost a lot depending on how they create games.

Probably if you have decent financing you could get one of these if you can provide evidence of being able to deliver. I'll have to look into it myself :)

HolyDuck2817d ago

Ah well, it does state "Too begin with" which could mean weeks, months... whatever. I can imagine you'll have to submit a prototype to get established if you are one of the basement indie teams, just to show you're serious about publishing.

sobotz2817d ago

Only qualified developers can publish their games on the console, it's like MS itself are gonna be the one who filtering all of 'em

Kingthrash3602817d ago

I thought sony kits were free too.....I dunno though....good news for devs in that time to talk about revenue splits.....

sobotz2817d ago

Sony dev kits are 1-year trial for only "selected" developer. After the trial expired, devs must pay $2500 for a dev kit.

Kingthrash3602817d ago

holy wallet breakers batman!!!!!

I mean yeah...thats expensive.

B-radical2817d ago

I hope thats a joke 2500? is that access to other features to?

nukeitall2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

That is why when XNA was released half a decade ago and allowed you to create games directly on your Xbox 360 was such a big deal.

These dev kits are way overpriced, and used as a means to keep real garage indie devs from developing on your platform. In some cases, the console manufacturer will deny you a dev kit even if you pay for it. That is how the maintain control.

Sony has consistently overcharged you for dev kits since the first Playstation and extends to their handhelds.

That is why Sony selectively support indie devs and it is usually major indie developers. When was the last time you saw a one man operation developer on Sony platform?

Jonhatan Blow and the like has the numbers of employees that rivals a mid-size dev house of a decade ago.

Sony had been screaming indies, and gotten a few disgruntled former Xbox Indie devs to do their bidding, but where is the rest?

The real indie devs!

MS has plenty of one and two man teams on Xbox 360, such as Dishwasher developer.

MS bucked the trend with XNA and allowed true indie developers on consoles, and reserved for XBLA for the really good titles that likely would have received a publishing contract.

Now with Xbox One, opened the door completely wide open!


That is actually cheap. It used to be upwards of $10k and you don't own the hardware. It is a license to use said hardware and tools. This applies to all three console manufacturers.

The difference is, on Sony and Nintendo platform, you had to have the dev kit to even start developing so you where at their mercy. On MS, you can start with XNA and move over once you get a contract and funding or stay on Xbox Live Indie Game Channel.

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HolyDuck2817d ago

Especially for an Indie Dev, maybe Sony will change their mind to "compete".

I mean, the sheer amount of moola they're going to make off pre orders should at least cover giving dev kits to a few hundred indie devs.

Plus, 1-Year renting seems a little slim on time, especially if it's an ambitious indie game.

theWB272817d ago

They aren't making a profit off of each console that's not going to cover it at all.

urwifeminder2817d ago

Good stuff MS very encouraging news for indies out there.

NateCole2817d ago

Wait. I read somewhere that every xbox one can be use as a dev kit?. So this is wrong?

green2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Thats correct but it was stated that that feature won't be available at launch but will role out over time. Read the article.

TheKingWilliamV2817d ago

Xbox One will rise from the ashes everything they are doing for Gamescon is just awesome. Dedicated servers for COD Ghost, Ryse Son of Rome looks damn amazing and Fifa 14 comes with Xbox One in europe YAHOOOOOOOOO

Jaqen_Hghar2817d ago

*sigh* how many times must a man point out that PS3 is already doing dedicated servers for many games and the Xbox community acted like they were terrible till Xbox announced them? Also Fifa+Xbox still costs more than PS4+Fifa even when Fifa is free on Xbox

green2817d ago

Does Sony supply dedicated servers to 3rd party studios?

gamertk4212817d ago

A man does not like how Xbox One is turning things around, lol.

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