Walking Dead Vita Trailered - Could The Game Release Tomorrow?

"Telltale Games have just released a launch trailer for their PlayStation Vita port of the acclaimed Walking Dead game."

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Stuart57562822d ago

OMG, this is THE Vita game I've been waiting for.


ArchangelMike2821d ago

WOAH, they kept that quiet, is this NA only or is it worlwide PSN release? Awesom, Awesome, Awesome.

LostDjinn2821d ago

It's great news. Can't say I'll be buying it again though. I've already finished it and sure as hell don't need it on three platforms.

fardan852821d ago

Damn, I just bought for the ps3 few weeks ago. Got tired of waiting for a vita release. :(

sincitysir12821d ago

I already played it but never finished it! Time to get another game for my vita!

1nsomniac2821d ago

They've already said it releases tomorrow. Keep up.