Ubisoft reveals its newest MMO: Panzer General Online

Announcing for the GamesCom 2013, Ubisoft has revealed today a new browser turn-based strategy MMO: Panzer General Online. This new title brings the popular Panzer General franchise into the Ubisoft’s free-to-play line-up.

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HolyDuck2828d ago

Looks good.

Will probably try it out unless it turns severely pay to win.

Kingthrash3602828d ago

free-to-play actually means pay-to-win......I looked it up in the scam artists 26 second paragraph.

im so tired of free to play games....that should stay with mobile phones.

Raf1k12828d ago

Unfortunately true for many but not all.

DOTA2, LoL and Team Fortress are free to play and in no way allow you to be better by buying something. Everything you purchase is purely cosmetic and that's how it should be.

I don't like pay to win either but it's not fair to dump all F2P games in the same boat.