Xbox gamescom 2013 - This week at gamescom

@AceyBongos and @majornelson provide a quick summary of what is happening this week at gamescom and the games being showcased.

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Kingthrash3602817d ago

just saw kinect scared for ms if thats the new ip they where hyping...smh

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drsfinest722817d ago

Kids would still enjoy it.

iamnsuperman2817d ago

True and that is the one thing Microsoft needs when releasing the One. Since the Kinect sports game was delayed it has left an important gap that needs to be filled for Christmas. Similar to what Knack is for the PS4

drsfinest722817d ago

True. Ms deff need more games for kids. I think that fantasia Kinect game would be wonderful for kids. My nephews would love knack on ps4 and minecraft on Xbox one

Kingthrash3602817d ago

thats REALLY true kids would like it.....but I dont see them selling systems to kids for this...parents would say its too violent for kids and get them a wiiu....bowling is more kid friendly.....and cheaper.

pyramidshead2817d ago

People are saying that it's quite laggy too, even for kinect 2.0 which is worrying.

Salooh2817d ago

If i'm not mistaken , kinect fight and fable are the last exclusives ..

British_Knight2817d ago

The new exclusive title is Fable Legends. Do some research. The concept of the game sounds fascinating.

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Wizziokid2817d ago

I can't stand Major Nelson.

But anyway I'm hoping Xbox showcase something to maybe sway me to buy the console, time will tell.

ziggurcat2817d ago

CoD ghost live MP world premiere? wasn't that last week?

stage882817d ago

I've got to say following live blogs on the xbox conference is F-ing awful.
I can barely tell what's been announce.

Microsoft, really messed up not showing it.

pyramidshead2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Scroll through this dude. Pretty much summed it all up throughout.

"Dead Rising 3 still has frame rate issues, but it looks pretty good. So many zombies. Thousands of em on screen"

stage882817d ago

I've been on there but it's still nowhere near as good as a video stream though.

Thanks for the info anyway :)