Best Buy USA Has the PlayStation Vita for $199, Lots of Good PS3 Games for $15

Best Buy launched a variety of sales yesterday with their new flyer, including a price match on the $199.99 PlayStation Vita price (which just happens to take place the same week as gamescom…), an okay deal on the 12GB PlayStation 3, and a bunch of good PlayStation 3 titles for just $15.

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ShugaCane3457d ago

Wow, you can have 4 great games for the price of one. The best combo in my opinion would be SoTC/Ico collection + Sly 4 + GT 5 + Infamous 2 = 60$. And Re 6 for 10$, even if the game is a bad Re game, it's still an entertaining action game. Many good deals here.

aceitman3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

its doing good at amazon mover and shakers was 303 now 62 I expect good numbers this week.

SynestheticRoar3457d ago

This is good like breakfast start your day right. With sweet tech and a price cut. lol.

Bhuahahaha3457d ago

i already got all the said titles aside r.e 6
and i wont still buy it @ $10

Bowzabub3457d ago

It's not THAT bad. You just hammer the buttons and wiggle the sticks!