Euro Metal Gear Online Beta to begin April 21

Konami has announced that the European Metal Gear Online Open Beta will commence on April 21 and run until May 6. The Beta will be available to download from the PlayStation Store from April 17.

Players will have access to two maps, Blood Bath and Groznyi Grad, each requiring cooperative team-based play.

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wolfehound223845d ago

Can't wait for this very pumped. Plus this should hold me over till GTA4 comes out

Fishy Fingers3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

15 days.... bah, I wanted more! Looks like I wont be eating/sleeping for a while.

Anyone know if there's Ranks and stuff? Id love it if there were, especially if the top rank is "Big Boss".

tweaker3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Damn it, they should release the beta earlier. I certainly won't be in the beta after the 29th.

HydroBoy3845d ago

Nice One! ok so right now we got GT5:P, GTAiv(this month) New PS store, MGS:O Beta ..damn what a month Aprils gonna be ..its been a while we Europeans got this much. ..

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