The popular Wii/GC Dolphin Emulator can now run on Android (kinda)

Emulators are a gamers' guilty pleasure. While technically it's illegal, people still enjoy the freedom of storing all their classic collection in their pocket and play them whenever they please. Currently, pocket emulators range from Genesis to SNES to N64. Now it seems Wii/GC games may be joining the pocket crowd as well. Soon, at least

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zeal0us2816d ago

Actually the emulator is legal. Its the method the user(s) use to acquire ROMs(games) to run on emulators that can be illegal. For instance downloading a Xenoblade to run on the dolphin would be illegal due to the fact that it's pirating. There are legal ways to acquire game roms but that usually involves the person already owning the game and extracting the rom/iso file from the game.

With all that said I wonder has the emulator been tested on the Snapdragon 800 SoC or Tegra 4 SoC yet.

Neixus2816d ago

downloading isn't dangerous, it's the uploading. Zelda got millions of downloads on an emulator, pretty sure companies would care about that -one- guys who uploaded it

zeal0us2816d ago

Companies don't treat the downloader any different from the uploader. Its all piracy in their books. They go after anyone they can find, There isn't any special treatment.

KonsoruMasuta2815d ago

Downloading is just the same as uploading in the eyes of devs and pubs. It's still piracy.

joe902815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Wii i understand as they can still be bought new from stores and money goes to Nintendo. You can NOT buy a GC game new from Nintendo, You can NOT buy a SNES game new from Nintendo. If i bought my game from Ebay for GC,SNES,NES,GB and GBA... Nintendo would not receive a penny (just like USED GAMES) Emulators for Retro games that no longer get sold by the developer/Owner is fine. Why do Devs let people play there game on MUGEN.......because they dont make any profit off there old retro games any more and help host servers for these games for people to enjoy for free. Google a software called MUGEN. See how many thousands of people play SNK,Capcom and midway. All have been Allowed to be played for FREE by the devs as they know the games can not be bought brand new any more.

Here is a list of games endorsed by SNK,Capcom and Midway to be played online VS FREE.

Used games are the same as Piracy.....FACT

KonsoruMasuta2815d ago

Joe, used games are not the same. In each booklet, the ones that comes in the cases of the games you buy, the company explicitly prohibits the distribution of copies of the content on your disc.

zeal0us2815d ago

Used games are not the same as piracy. Fact

Sure the publisher don't get any money from second hand product but used games doesn't violate any copyright acts or laws where piracy obviously does.

There was a time companies like Capcom, SNK and etc was against Mugen mainly because people were using their companies' assets without their permission. Heck I even remember some sites getting shutdown back in the day(Yes I used mugen at one time or another). The only reason publisher haven't been on a witch hunt because they know it would be a huge waste time and money.

By the way that link is just some Mugen forum for free characters. It doesn't state Capcom,Midway,Snk or etc approve of it.

dredgewalker2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

How in the world did you come to the conclusion that used games and piracy are the same? Even if the devs are not earning a penny from used game sales at least it's still just one copy circulating gamers hands instead of multiple free copies. If that was true then Gamestop and a lot of stores that sell used games would have been sued a long time ago.

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KonsoruMasuta2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

This has been in the app store for a while. I already tried it and I would advise anybody who wants to try it to wait for a while longer. The experience could be better - a lot better infact.

Some games don't even run at all.

Loki862815d ago

I am just imagining playing Xenoblade on my Galaxy Note III when it comes out!