Now Origin Does At Least One Thing Better Than Steam

Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku writes: Usually, if you buy software online, you’re kind of stuck with it. But today, EA has set a new policy for games on Origin: you can return game downloads for full refunds within 24 hours of the first time you launch the game, within seven days from when you purchase it, or within the first seven days after the game’s release if you pre-ordered. Whichever happens first.

Here’s the catch: it’s for EA-published games only as of right now. Here’s how you’d go about requesting a refund:

Just visit your order history and click the “request a refund” link next to your recent purchase, answer a few quick questions, and we’ll take it from there.

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rodiabloalmeida3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Steam also offers refund. It's just not a common practice. But they do, in certain cases.

KazHiraiFTW3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Not the same. According to the link you can get a refund on Origin within 24hrs of downloading a game or within 7 days of the date of purchase.

Steam only gives refunds for pre-orders before the release date. https://support.steampowere...

brish3581d ago

That's their policy but under certain situations they have given refunds.

"Valve pulls The War Z from Steam over fan backlash, offers refunds"

In their forums I have also read about them giving refunds in cases where the game didn't work on specific operating systems and/or drivers.

The problem with digital refunds is if was a global policy some people would download a game, finish it, then ask for a refund and use the refund to get another game, repeat for all games.

rodiabloalmeida3581d ago

Exactly what brish said. Steam DOES refund people. But like a said, only in centain cases. I've seen it happen sometimes. Myself included.

KazHiraiFTW3580d ago

Only in very rare circumstances where a game is completely broken and not at all the same as it was advertised...such as The War Z. That is not a policy but an exception to the rule. Thankfully there are not many deceitful developers and publishers out their like Hammerpoint and Arktos.