The Five Upcoming Titles One Should Be Patient On Purchasing

New games are always a gamble. No matter what the reviews say, or the resulting sales numbers, the possibility for disappointment is always there.

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_QQ_2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Bad list what if for example AC4 or Sonic get amazing scores and is very well received by both fans and critics?should we still wait for a price drop?

Transporter472816d ago

If you are on a budget I say wait and buy the game your most excited for.

klecser2815d ago

This is one of those typical, "I have an opinion, so I'm going to write about it and you should heed my words" crap.

That sort of article is fine: if the opinion is widely held. But this one isn't. You have to know your audience.

I just hate this. I hate how anybody can post whatever the hell they want on the internet without any journalism experience and pretend like they are a journalist.

Xof2815d ago

What, so opinion pieces should only be written about things the readers already agree with?

That's utterly pointless. You should be ashamed for saying that.

klecser2815d ago

I'm saying that opinion pieces shouldn't be played off as if they are widely held and good advice.