Check Out the Crossover Between Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice

It's already known that Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is going to get crossover content from fifteen different titles, mostly from Gung Ho Online Entertainment, but also from other publishers like Sony Computer Entertainment, including Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice.

Today Gung Ho released a video and screenshots of that content.

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Abriael2829d ago

It does look pretty spiffy.

Now, though, I bet I'm not the only one wondering how the crossover with dead or alive will look :D

fsfsxii2829d ago

You'll probably fight a boss of boobs. xD

Williamson2829d ago

Wow I'm sold on this game with the gravity rush cross over!

Blank2829d ago

I cant contain.... AHHHH! AWESOME! I really want this game now!

fsfsxii2829d ago

Is this coming over to the west??

Abriael2829d ago

yep, courtesy of xseed, not sure when though

fsfsxii2829d ago

Thanks, too bad we don't know when its coming. But its coming out on 29 on this month in japan, right??

Darkfist2829d ago

we need gravity rush 2 NOW

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