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Reviewer Steve Wright writes, "I sprint towards a park bench, plasma bolts flying past my head, singeing the air around me. I hungrily gulp down acidic-tasting air as I take limited cover and plan my next move. I know I've enemies all around me -- mostly out of sight -- but luckily, I've managed to flank one unknowing mark. I motion to my teammates, indicating my next target as I set myself up for a killing shot. I jump out of cover, bring my muzzle up…

"… and shoot WAY wide.

"Then, my opponent takes his turn and is spot on. The plasma melts my skin from my bones and the remnants of my body slam lifelessly to the pavement. My enemies quickly focus on dispatching the rest of my team.

"That's pretty much how every game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown goes when I'm at the controls. The strategy game is one I truly appreciate, but one I'm utterly hopeless at. I'm too impatient. I rush into combat. I take useless cover and attempt shots that my soldiers have zero chance of actually makin...

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showtimefolks2816d ago

ign gave it 5.5 lol

now a days its so hard to know from reviews if a game is really good or bad. I guess time to rent it and try it out for myself

even ign review said the game is fun to play yet gave it 5.5