PS8 will be self-aware, says NASA scientist

According to NASA scientist Dr. Rich Terrile, future video game consoles like the PlayStation 8 — assuming there ever is one — will be so advanced that it will have “conscious elements.”

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jujubee882821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It would probably have to run on something other than silicon though, since moore's law is based off silicon based transistors.

I'm guessing Graphene based chips will be in commercial production and honed to run some form of computer language. We're talking well beyond 2020 (which is roughly when PS8 would launch).

MoonWheel2821d ago

2020 is way to soon. PS5 will launch around that time. PS8 is probably in 2040-2050

shoddy2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It seem logical that in a time frame of 40 years military AI technology would be accessible to consumers.

Right now you can buy remote camera drone in bestbuy for $299.

Ps8 will be my slave.

3-4-52821d ago

Yea PS5 is 2019-2020.

jujubee882820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Yeah. "well beyond 2020".

@3-4-5 lol!

mikeslemonade2820d ago

PS5 will have Nintendo and Microsoft making exclusive games for the system.

SolidStoner2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

How can he be so sure about PS8, why not PS7 or PS9...?? :) anyways. Im pretty sure this scientist is right! And it will not be like some primitive code machine or not like human.. something in between... and its not all about technology.. in theory you could create something smart only by using software... ;) of course using high tech hardware would help..
the future will be insane... hardest part is to stay alive that long..

Narutone662820d ago

I see a Terminator scenario here.

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Dasteru2821d ago

this is 2013 not 1993, each console gen lasts about 6-7 years. The PS8 should launch around 2041.

We are about 10-12 years away from quantum computing becoming main stream so moore's law is irrelivant.

jujubee882820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

You just wrote what i wrote :/

Edit: i meant the Moore's Law thing. Not sure what you're talking anout on the quantum computing stuff. Can you pls be more clear?

lnvisibleMan2820d ago

@ jujubee88
'Not sure what you're talking about on the quantum computing stuff.'

As you probably already know Moore law state that the number of transitors on a microprocessors doubles every two years, without adding to the device’s size or cost.

This means that transitors are getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. Right now Transistor gates are now only a few atoms wide. Transistors are composed of atoms which means they can't be shrunk to anything smaller than atoms. At that stage Moore's law ends.

So inorder for technology to advance we must use a different medium and thats where quantum computers come in. Quantum computers use the power of single atoms to perform memory and processing tasks.

AngelicIceDiamond2821d ago

Book mark this until 2040 lol yeah right I'll be too old to worry about games.

RyuCloudStrife2820d ago

I wonder what we'll be doing.. I'll be 49.. Hopefully STILL gaming with family.

Caleb_H2821d ago

Funny how he didn't use the Xbox as a prediction.

gaelic_laoch2821d ago

Once the Xbone knew what it was it would self destruct!

SpitFireAce852821d ago

That made me laugh bubbles for that...

fardan852821d ago

Bubble + for making me laugh..

2820d ago
OlgerO2820d ago

Best comment I read in a while

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drsfinest722821d ago

im pretty sure the only reason he said ps8 is because playstation is chronologically numbered as in xbox they dont.

Kingthrash3602821d ago

I remember that ps it was tge isht back then.

rodiabloalmeida2821d ago

*IF* PS8 ever come to exist. I don't see a 8th playstation console in the future. And I'm a playtation player since the first. Also, it's too far for a prediction.

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