Greg Hastings Paintball DS - Video Review

The rising stars over at DarkZero have recorded this hilarious video review of Greg Hasting's Paintball on Nintendo DS, don't miss it!

Clearly there'll be more where this comes from, but in the meantime check out the link to get a first look at some of gaming's freshest comedy talent!

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sfinXters3895d ago

Just another review.

Next, please.

iilluminate3895d ago

I enjoyed that. Good British humour!

The ending was the best bit.

This is the first I've even heard of Greg Hastings Paintball. :D

Atomic3895d ago

Who is this Greg Hasbeen ?

Jam_sponge3895d ago

He's a pro paintballer, who helped work on this year's fantastic version of Kelly Osbourne's pro paintball tournament.