Man Selling EA's Humble Bundle On eBay Tells Kotaku: 'Business Is Business'

Mark Serrels of Kotaku writes: Yesterday we discovered that eBay user jazz_singh.88 was exploiting EA’s Humble Bundle for his own profit, buying multiple copies of the bundle at a low price, then selling them on eBay for over twice the price — essentially exploiting a charitable gesture by EA for his own profit.

After we informed eBay Australia, the auction was closed down, but now it seems as though a second auction has opened on eBay using the precise same method. The image, the words, the product: everything is precisely the same. Only the username has changed, and the region.

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inf3cted13581d ago

Sad no lifes, profiting from a charity fund.

GrathiusXR3581d ago

It's pretty stupid exploiting a system that's meant to help various charities for his own personal benefit.

Can't wait until eBay continually close down his auctions and he's left out of pocket for all the Humble Bundles he bought.

HammadTheBeast3581d ago

Is it a charity fund though? Isn't EA getting all the profits?

If yes, 0 f***s given.

If no, this guy's a scumbag.

rdgneoz33581d ago

You can choose who gets the money. You can give some to the devs, to the humble bundle group that runs it, or just give all to the charity. When I've gotten stuff from there, I pick all for the charity.

Loki863581d ago

There was no option for EA to take any of the profits, 100% of it went to charity.

GrathiusXR3581d ago

The Humble Bundle allows you to apparently select how much goes to what charity and what not. None of it goes to EA at all.

badkolo3581d ago

actualy that usually if never true, they are allowed to take a small percentage as long as its used to pay for things like running the charity thing in the first place

GrathiusXR3581d ago

Really? I've never really used it but from what I've heard and seen it goes straight to charity or your choosing never to the publisher etc...

porkChop3581d ago

EA didn't take anything at all. They donated their entire share to charity.

ElementX3581d ago

The developers generally get a cut however EA decided to give ALL proceeds to charity

gigoran3581d ago

And Kotaku goes out of their way to report him to ebay. Why? because they thought he was doing something morally wrong? maybe someone should do the same to Kotaku and report them for their constant dealings with hackers for gaming information. Not only is what they do morally wrong, it's also illegal.