Origin's 'Great Game Guarantee' announced, allows you to return games

StickSkills writes, "Origin & EA have come out guns blazing, announcing the "Great Game Guarantee". To put it simply, you'll be able to return games on Origin if they don't meet your standards. There is criteria that you have to meet, obviously, and we've outlined it below."

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shivvy242827d ago

this is really great ! gotta love competition !

ZodTheRipper2827d ago

Steam will be really p*ssed off :D
Nobody wanted to use Origin before now there's a reason to buy there Steam has to counter that with something similar to keep people away from Origin.

aliengmr2827d ago

Valve has been FAR more gracious with its own library for years.

starchild2827d ago

Yep, competition is great. That's one thing I like on PC more than on my consoles: there is competition between different services and digital game portals.

cyguration2827d ago


I don't like Origin but at least they're trying to be competitive.

I kind of do hope that Steam does the next best thing and allow for digital license trades. That would be... that would be orgasmic.

Rageanitus2827d ago

It's not just that.... you can buy game keys from various sites around the world without worrying about TAX.

This is what console only gamers DO not see. We reap the benefits direct from steam and origin (more from steam) plus these random discounts from random e-stores.

TekoIie2827d ago

This is great news! Hopefully it'll force Valve to change their TOS on game refunds!

chaldo2827d ago

nice nice.. First removed online passes now this.

Keep up the good work EA (y)

LocutusEstBorg2827d ago

Would have been if I hadn't sworn never to buy another EA game again because they raised priced to 350% in my country.

cyguration2827d ago

Well I would never suggest you buy EA games, it's just good for the people who do and would like to get a refund.

Remember that Simcity fiasco? Even as the news spread and people found out the game was unplayable due to DRM they couldn't even get refunds unless they bought it from Amazon.

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-Foxtrot2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I'm sorry, I blacked out there for a sec...still trying to look for a catch

JackOfAllBlades2827d ago

Oh so this is for when the next game like SimCity comes out?

JackOfAllBlades2827d ago

Why the disagree? Are you honestly going to sit here and argue the case that when the newest SimCity came out that you were like this is awesome, I totally don't want to return this amazing gem of a game!!! *MASS SARCASM*

Jdoki2827d ago

Actually I put about 25 hours in to Sim City when it released. It had some big annoyances but they could be worked around. I agree that it should not have been released in that state - but I still had a lot of fun and it was a nice, lighter, counterpoint to the more serious Sim City 4 and Cities XL.

Stuff like the traffic issue was something that needed to be worked around and was pretty amusing if you didn't take it seriously. Accepting that RCI no longer linked properly was just a different approach (incredibly stupid, but different) and actually allowed different strategies (e.g. It allowed serious specialisation without worrying about the razor edge balance of RCI, as in SimCity 4).

The day 1 problems getting on the server were unacceptable, but not enough to return the game (I've been through numerous MMO launches, so know the drill!) The DRM is BS, especially for those who play on planes etc, but again - not a deal breaker for me, and I like the idea of a global market. but they should add an offline mode.

Yes, it was a huge mistake by EA / Maxis to launch early just to pull the profit for that financial year. Only now is it evolving in to the game it should have been on Day 1, but people were massively over reacting at the time.

pandehz2827d ago

Is it really...I mean is it true...I mean....

inf3cted12827d ago

Origin is starting to get some competition going, nice.

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