Project CARS Trailer Builds Up Speed With Hans Zimmer's Time

Gaming Blend "A new community made video has gone live called “Time” featuring the song from Hans Zimmer that went to Christopher Nolan's smash hit Inception. The trailer is a slow-build of awesome that leads to some rocking moments of unadulterated speed, perfectly paced to the momentum of the music."

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Timesplitter142821d ago

Are we seriously having fan-made music videos posted as news now?

Daves2821d ago

As a fan of PCARS along with the Inception soundtrack being one of my all time fave soundtracks... well, I'm glad I saw this in the news ;)

I'd have missed it otherwise.

cyguration2821d ago

All Project CARS trailers are fan-made. There are no "official" videos for PCARS because it's being designed in part by the community.

It's also crowd-funded, so they don't have a marketing team.

BaronVonRhett2821d ago

Still not that bad of a video.

Jamaicangmr2821d ago

By the time this game is released we are going to be desensitized to it's graphics. Why the hell so many video and it still doesn't even have a release date as yet?

Drive club and Forza 5 will be out and by then these graphics might not be impressive anymore. Just give us a launch date or chill with the damn videos please.

LonDonE2821d ago

what winds me up is the constant use of pc footage, i am beginning to get sick of companies showing off pc footage, and then the console versions look like shit and run like shit, they should at least show trailers of console and pc footage, or clearly label in the video that it is pc footage!

aliengmr2821d ago

The footage is taken by gamers that have access to the alpha builds which are on PC.