Arch-Fiends, Elvis Presley and One Ninja’s Stunning Return To Form: The Music Of 2004′s Ninja Gaiden

Sumthing writes:

3. Tairon At Night - Entrance is everything. To heroes, the walk-on is a moment of historical definition. Matching the simple, uninspired shuffle of feet with a melody that accents the intent and strength of their present mission, Ryu Hyabusa (the game’s main protagonist) has double to prove. Having retired 13 years earlier, he has to carefully ensure and convince his audience that while he may have nearly lost a step to drink and excess, his ferocity, reflexes and focus remain untouched by the brutal ravages of time. “Tairon At Night” dexterously confronts the passage of those years: whitewashing his wrinkles, melting his belly fat and redefining the legend of his presence. His emergence from wardrobe and make-up is nothing short of awe-inspiring and sits peer with the likes of Elvis Presley’s ’68 comeback. This is someone you should fear, someone you should run from, and if that’s not an option… you should hope your knees aren’t ruined as you kneel to pray for mercy. Trouble has found you.

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