BBC iPlayer unofficial page for PS3

A rather nice unofficial page that lets UK PS3 users use, access and watch TV programmes on their PS3 using the BBC iPlayer.

A statement on the site says:

"It's mainly a demonstration of how easily the BBC could support the PS3 with their Wii version. This does nothing more than mask your PS3's user-agent string and makes half a dozen changes to make the JavaScript and CSS function correctly on the PS3. It only took a day to produce, so come on BBC - how about implementing this properly?"

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Juevani3846d ago

I dont see/get no iplayer?? I ger a sorry code..

darkness within3846d ago

because you have to view the page on a ps3

Juevani3846d ago

yea I did vist the site from my PS3, but I still get the sorry message.. Imma try again now.

Spinner3846d ago

(You also have to be from the UK :P)

Juevani3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Yeah I've just done found out, hehe.. Will it be possible if I just made a uk PNS account?? have anyone tried??


Confirmed, not possible even when makin a UK account.. yea u lucky bastards, hehehe.. have fun

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Chriswsm3846d ago

I just accessed the page on my PS3 to see if this works. Within a few seconds of accessing the page I was watching last weeks Dr Who episode (S04E01 Partners in Crime).

BBC support would enable full screen viewing rather than limited box viewing but this, without a doubt, is proof of concept.

Nice find

LSDARBY3846d ago

Cool i'll check it out

redmamoth3846d ago

BBC and 4OD should sort this out!!

whoelse3846d ago

Nice idea. We can now access iplayer on the PS3... and this should help the BBC implement this feature sooner than later officially.

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