New Xbox One Details from Gamescom 2013 Starting at 1AM Pacific

Gamescom 2013 will kick off Tuesday with Microsoft's Xbox One Gamescom Showcase Event. Starting at 1am Pacific/4am Eastern/8am GMT, keep checking back with IGN for updates from the show floor as Microsoft gives media "the opportunity to get hands-on with a range of Xbox One titles, speak with developers, and be the first to hear our Gamescom news."

Microsoft is also teasing a new Xbox One exclusive set to be announced at Gamescom. “We’re gonna have a really short stage presentation with some news, talking about some unique exclusive coming to the platform,” said Microsoft Studio's corporate vice-president Phil Spencer. “We’re going to talk about Europe’s biggest franchise and maybe some interesting things. We have some stuff, but most of the time will be spent with the press getting time with the developers, with their games. So you should think about this as a room with a lot of hands-on. We think that these platforms are about the games, and we want to give the press time with the games.”

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HolyDuck2825d ago

I know, these guys like to stay up LATE!

What time is that in Germany I wonder.

SillyYou2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Yeah wow, soooo late. Im from germany and had to watch the E3 Sony press conference at 4am.

JokesOnYou2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I hate to spoil at least one of their surprises. They will announce The Fighter Within....a full Kinect game from Ubisoft.

"Test your real fighting skills thanks to the next gen of motion recognition. The new Kinect technology arms FIGHTER WITHIN with realistic fighting moves using unprecedented 1 to 1 precision movement tracking."

"Enter a brutal, physical and liberating world: New-gen jaw-dropping graphics, real-time wounds, sweat & facial impacts, extreme arenas environments, primal animations… The new XBOX ONE Kinect allows you to dive into a unique realistic experience and feel the fight. All you expect from a next gen fighting game is there."

-They definitely NEED to show some real mature games like this that #1 show support for Kinect from 3rd parties, #2 show some great use of Kinect and its improvements over the original.

Bigpappy2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Yes 'Jokes'. I call Kinect 2 the "secret sauce". It is what will push sales this Holiday. If they can have a really good Kinect showing soon, X1 will become the hottest item for the holidays just like the original Kinect was.

They need to show more Kinect, not remove it. Show it. The more they show of it the hotter X1 will become. As long as what they show is impressive.

And yeah. I think FIGHTER WITHIN is their big 3rd party exclusive.

LackaJaKane2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


Yeah I'm really hoping the fighter within is Kung Fu Superstar, renamed and with updated graphics. This gamed looked like it would have been awesome, but unfortunately it couldn't get the funding it needed which is why it was never finished/released.

here's the debut trailer

here's an in dept vid of how the combat works

Sorry i couldnt reply directly to jokesOnYou

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Ipunchbabiesforfun2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

"I know, these guys like to stay up LATE!"

please be sarcasm, please be sarcasm...

psych2825d ago

Finally a stream that works well (time wise) for an Aussie audience.

B1uBurneR2825d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't think they are streaming this one

BLAKHOODe2825d ago

Tomorrow is going to be a FUN news day! I hope N4G's servers are in check, because I'm going to be checking in frequently.

Ipunchbabiesforfun2825d ago

they love to fail recently huh?

Eldyraen2825d ago

I'm going to be distracted all day at work tomorrow :(

modesign2825d ago

Anyone throwing a 1am party.

Deadpoolio2825d ago

Thats not throwing an Xbone party when they are normally open till around 2am every day

True_Samurai2825d ago

I got some budlight and we can pop some firecrackers illegally. What you wanna do?

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