Operation Metro map hinted for Battlefield 4 in sound files

According to Battlefield 4 sound files, one of the most popular BF3 maps might return in BF4.

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ABeastNamedTariq2820d ago

Hope not. I hated that map. That and Tehran highway. WE WANT OPEN MAPS, we want more, we want more, we like it, we want more, lol..

But seriously, with 64 players for next gen, I'd like the same space PC players have for the maps and some ridiculously open maps. And like 6 flags for Conquest (and Conquest Assault? Maybe? Hmm?). I was always jealous of the amount of flags PC players had, lol.

MRMagoo1232820d ago

Seems like most of the paid servers are metro only which annoys me the map is tiny and it feels like cod most of the time, i like BF because of the giant open maps i dont want small crappy corridors as a map.

ABeastNamedTariq2820d ago

I loathe the paid servers with a passion. There's nothing worse than playing a match of Rush in Op Metro, only to find out its literally impossible for the defenders to win because the attackers have 200 or more tickets.

And yeah, that map is way too small. More Wake Island, less other stuff lol.

Kevin ButIer2820d ago

Lol come on guys just get right your filters, you'll find plenty of servers that are based only on wide open maps even on consoles. They are nice but they feel kinda empty with the 24 player limitation.

MRMagoo1232820d ago

I completely agree i think paid servers are abused wayyyy to much , i hate those no stinger or igla maps the most because you know for a fact the host will be sitting in a chopper mowing ppl down without having to worry about dying, they need some way to monitor the abuse of these servers , getting kicked for killing the admin 3 times in a row is just down right low as can be.

sAVAge_bEaST2819d ago

YEA, right,,.. I've been kicked more times than I can count, for killing the admin once,..

I only play on [DICE] servers.

titletownrelo2820d ago

dude, what if they connected part of seine crossing to the underground portion of operation metro? 2 maps in one shot.

for levolution, soldiers could rpg incoming passenger trains causing them to de-rail, slide, and crash in movie like fashion killing everyone in its way.

Tapioca Cold2819d ago

I loved metro and the smaller urban maps. Love the chaos of it all. Big maps a good and all but having those smaller urban maps mixed in really gave battlefield 3 a great mix. Close quarters was a bit too much like COD not Metro/ grand bazaar or Seine crossing.

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Smoovekid2820d ago

The map was fun at times and bad at others. If your team was good then it was fun to rip through the other team, or the other team could camp with bipoded lmgs and snipers and then it was no fun.

The best times were when both teams were evenly matched and it was a long battle to get the objectives in Rush, or the times that I carried the team :p.

inf3cted12820d ago

It was popular because people xp boosted in there, that thing was like a straight corridor, I dont want it back.

Mr Tretton2820d ago

I always find myself hating the most popular maps in most multiplayers. They're just noob camp maps to boost, not necessarily good.

gazgriff2k122819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

yep this reminds me of nuketown for cod its just for people (sad people) to get cheap kills very fast so they can level up. Thats the problem with reward based multiplayer everyone's concentrating on leveling up, unlocking new stuff, gainging tags and playercards and be top of a leaderboard no one cares about. these people would rather cheat to get to the top. Whatever happened to playing a game to have FUN especially with friends. That feeling of being a top squad because of you and your friends skill not how cheap and tryhard you can be. They need to make a game were you just sit in a corner with an RPG shooting bots with double xp for all them lame players. oh well atleast we dont have to buy the map

urwifeminder2820d ago

After all the map packs that came out not many actually play them.

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The story is too old to be commented.