Kojimas new game.... Yes people will bow to it

Kojimas new game project after MGS4.

"Speaking with Japan's Nikkei BP website, Konami president Fumiaki Tanaka revealed that Kojima is working on the concept for a new game outside of the Metal Gear universe. Pressed further on this mystery title, or possibly titles, Tanaka said that he couldn't reveal anything at this point and that a formal announcement won't be coming this year. Instead, we can probably look forward to hearing something after Kojima has written the new title's scenario, which won't happen until after MGS4 has been released and Metal Gear Online has been given a major push.".....

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BilI Gates3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I don't know what it is but *bow*

I hope it's a Snatcher remake.

mikeslemonade3868d ago

I can careless what it is as long as it's exclusive for PS3 i'm happy.

heyheyhey3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )


i would prefer the game to be PS3 exclusive, but come on man we're gamers first

the priority is that the game is good


yes thats exactly why i would prefer the game to be exclusive, however my point is that id rather have a good multiplatform game than an average exclusive

and i know that the game is far more likely to be good if its exclusive and that it cant be bad cause lets face it... its kojima-san we're talking about here

but i just meant that mikelemoades statement was a bit ignorant and stupid

Guwapo773868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

As we all know exclusives usually yield better end products. So I vote for an exclusive as well. I just don't want him saying 50gig isn't enough for his game next time around. Throw it on 2 50gig disks or shell out for the 100gig disk!

NO_PUDding3868d ago

I read recently he is working with Goichi Suda on a project. Aka Suda51, aka makers of Killer 7 and No More Heroes.

Which despite the lameness of no more heroes, must ensure it will eb rgeat. Killer 7 was superb.

Bleucrunch3868d ago

I am gonna reserve it today. LOL

thePatriot3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

game of the year when ever it comes out.
all ready familiar with th ps3 and have their own engine for it which will cut the production cost. and ofcoarse, hideo folowers like me.
edit: somebody give this man 10 v... no wait 20 virgins.

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The Wood3869d ago

Im hoping for ZOE3 but I'd probably buy it whatever it was. Kojima KnoWs good stories.

SPARTAAN3869d ago

even i think its ZOE 3 too bad no confirmation until next year :(

Quickstrike3868d ago

I <3 the ZOE Series sence the 1st one :D Lets all hope that ZOE 3 is the next game Kojima is working on

Harry1903868d ago

been hinting at ZOE3 for some time now.

Seven73869d ago

Well there will be more information on the project after the MGS4 release, which is June 12th, so maybe you'll find out before a year.

darkshiz3868d ago

*Bows a thousand time*
Yes Master Kojima you can have another 60 dollars from me after MGS4 and MGO.

SPARTAAN3868d ago

what did u find arrogant in that

poos33868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

guys kojima is maki8ng him self look like a fool +konami their prolly goig bankrupt tbh has there been a konami game released this gen that any 1 has noticed i can remember none or 1 that was good enough to remember ,ok now to my point saying psn give him more freedom is like saying having 3 fat sumo wrestler poo on the ps3 wont make it stink harder than it does atm ,he makes no sense the psn is a joke there this guy is not s online programmer like ppl that have made games for the 360 online like valve,infinty award,dice,bungie, not to mention these devs have released exclusive content to the 360 in terms of 360 only betas ,360 only games,and praise for xbox live and the 360 hardware.

NO_PUDding3868d ago

Lol, and both Ken Levine and whetver his stupid name is from Gears aren't totally arrogant.

You are just jealous the arrogance here is justified, but with the 360 exclusives, not so much.

By the way, Fumito Ueda is the only person who is creatign master pieces at the moment, and he is reserved and not arrogant at all. TEAM ICO FTW.

Wow it's liberating to act like an ass, does everyone agree?

Greysturm3868d ago

That believe everything Molineux and Yamaguchi say...

potenquatro3868d ago

yes he is.just like that developer from valve.i think his name is double chin or fat bastard or something.

Iron Man 23868d ago

LMFAO!...the Xzombie is just butt hurt because Kojimas next new MASTERPIECE will be exclusive to the Playstation 3,don't doubt the GOD Xzombies,he already striked you once with MGS4,he even said he didn't want MGS4 on the Xbox 3rd60 yet you zombies start your BS petitions and whine like little b*tches that you zombies all are!;)

Pain3868d ago

If is on it that is but thats any game most of the time but what else is new?...

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