Are There Differences Online Between Current And Next Gen Versions?

GameSpot - Fresh from the multplayer reveal event Homer and Chris take on your question about Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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LackTrue4K2828d ago

i see no recoil in the guns!!! "NONE!!!" they should just drop the used of guns, and have an instant death with just aiming you sites on another player. -_-

MRMagoo1232828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I think the games will be soooooooo similar that you could put the xbone and ps4 versions into the 360 and ps3 and it would work. well maybe not the xbone one cos itll be bluray but you could prob put it in the ps3 lol

I am def gonna give it a go tho and i hope its better than the last couple.

RmanX10002828d ago

I doubt there'll be a squeaker free CoD on Next Gen

ufo8mycat2828d ago

Sadly the only difference you will see 'next gen' is the graphics thats it. Don't expect improvements or innovations in gameplay or online.

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