PAIN to come with the new Metal Gear PS3 bundle

Upon further viewing of the new Metal Gear PS3 bundle, the list of contents shows another game. The list states that the system will not only come with Metal Gear Solid 4 but also a game voucher for PAIN. Check it out for yourself in the picture.

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Storm233845d ago

Didn't see that the first time. Good find.

I have never played PAIN, is it worth the money?

MorganX3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Just my opinion, I bought PAIN. It's neat, good looking, performs well, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly. It a good diversion, stress reliever, but don't look for much depth or challenge.

So to anwer your question, is it worth $10, in my opinion, no. Is it decent secondary bundle material, yes.

RecSpec3844d ago

I thought so too, but playing multiplayer bowling is definitely worth the price. Nothing beats blocking your opponents shot with the sign from a gay bar. Also, there is supposed to be an amusement park area soon.

Megaton3844d ago

PAIN's not that great. Sure, it's fun for a bit, but I think the fact that it only has one stage really drains the life out of it quickly. I still play it sometimes, but I play my other games a lot more.

They are supposed to be releasing a 2nd stage, coming as DLC.

sonarus3844d ago

good find. A couple of ppl all my friends list still play. I don't see it as a real game, its a bit more casual and more pick up and play. I haven't gotten it and probably never will but one day if i have extra money in my wallet i might just pick it up

MikeGdaGod3844d ago

i haven't played it since the first day i bought it. not worth $10, maybe $3.

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zakupilot2563845d ago

i liked it. check out its website.

darkshiz3844d ago

Best Bundle ever!

Kinda wish I waited to buy a PS3.
But it was worth it.

thor3844d ago

Does this mean that we'll be getting PSN cards soon?

heyheyhey3844d ago

exactly my wonderings

if this works on the usual code system, then that means PSN cards are coming soon

CaliGamer3844d ago

Sony is going for the jugular with these bundles. F the sniper riffle Sony is coming in for the knife kill son, clear the way.

mattnz3844d ago

and it's a great way to get those casual types onto the PSN and downloading games.

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The story is too old to be commented.