More Retailers Slash Vita Prices On Eve of PlayStation Press Conference

Earlier today, multiple retailers slashed the price of the PlayStation Vita by $50, and where the 3G model is concerned, by $100. Target started a sale on the handheld yesterday, marking down both the wi-fi and 3G models of the Vita to $199. Today, Best Buy and Amazon have also jumped on board. The wi-fi model Vita is available for $199 from Amazon, while both models are selling at Best Buy for the same price.

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pwnsause_returns2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

well, thats a good first step. it means that there is a price cut looming in that conference. now cut the prices on those memory cards. that is the ultimate barrier for getting a vita.

get rid of the 4 gb as well. 4gb is not enough, and just make the 8/16/and 32 gb the standard. but make sure you cut the price on those cards.

dcj05242827d ago

Yes! I'm on a road trip to "The deeeeep south" and I had to delete a few things to fit the games I wanted to play. 16gb isn't enough. I need a cheaper 32 or a 64GB.

GdaTyler2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Yeah that 4GB card is damn useless, that's why I got a 32GB card instead. Wish it was cheaper though... -_-"

GribbleGrunger2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

With a $50 and a $100 price drop, you effectively get a memory card for nothing. It's just a matter of how you look at it.

ABizzel12827d ago

Good for them, but I hope they announce some big games for the Vita at Gamescom, or it's pointless to have a price drop, because sales will bottom out after the first month or two.

GribbleGrunger2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Remember at the Feb reveal, Sony said they believe the Vita having a place in the home is real? For arguments sake, let's assume that the VitaXL exists as described in the rumour. Sony could promote the smaller Vita and market it as a cheaper portable version, while also advertising the VitaXL as the all singing all dancing PS4 peripheral, releasing it at the original Vita price.

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JoelT2827d ago

I'm sure any potential buyers are hoping that there's a cut in place for the cards too!

nevin12827d ago

Yeah the cards are too expensive.

ZodTheRipper2827d ago

You can get them pretty cheap from asian ebay sellers but they definately need an official price cut.

taz80802827d ago

They should honestly include a 16 gb card and that would bring in a lot of people

GdaTyler2827d ago

Include a 16 GB? No, more like a 32GB card or 64 GB card(they should make one now!)

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