The PlayStation 3 80010514 Error Debacle (That Wasn't)

PC World writes: "Speaking anecdotally -- anecdotally, mind you! -- I've never seen the error (or any other) after over a year of frequent use. I've had three Xbox 360s go to pot (and had all three replaced, thank you very much for the first class customer service Microsoft) but I'm still on PS3 numero uno, and just in case it matters, I run both systems side-by-side inside a large wooden cabinet without proper ventilation, and yes, they both get quite warm and fan-blade-whiny in the summer after extended play time.

If you do get the error, the best thing you can do is probably ignore most of the above, stay away from the junk speculation on most of the boards (unless you're into wrapping systems in towels and doing rain dances and lighting votive candles to resurrect the mechanically dead), and give Sony a call. Unlike Microsoft's Xbox 360 "red ring of death" error, which several retailers were claiming was causing failures in the 30 to 33 percentile range, the 80010514 reset issue appears to be rare and occurring within the acceptable failure range for any piece of electronic equipment. If that changes, I'll be right back on top of it here."

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BilI Gates3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago ) is trying to spread false information. Some of the saddest douche bags in the world are registered to that website. The moderators there would permanently ban you if you question them about the article they wrote.

leon763895d ago

Exactly, a complete act of desperation!!!!!!!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3895d ago

If it were a "MS" conspiracy (why do those only occur with PS3 fans?) then this so called "attack" could have been launched months ago, since the error code has been around for some time.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43895d ago

This is just Pure lies, like that Yellow light story.

sonarus3894d ago

the 80010514 reset issue appears to be rare and occurring within the acceptable failure range for any piece of electronic equipment.

Sigh. The ps3 has a failure rate of 1%. With about 12 million worldwide sold now, that is 120,000 ppl. In other words Jason 360 the media is simply blowing this out of proportion. With any hardware you buy, there is risk of malfunction. If you looked hard enough, you will find plenty of ppl who have malfunctions on the wii.

This whole issue is blown out of proportion by the media really. I don't want to call it ps3 hating because that just doesn't seem logical right now. When you have majority of 360 owners go through more than one 360 and 1% of ps3 userbase having a problem and the whole media descends on it like its the biggest news since MGS4 was announced. Even teamxbox was getting in on the action.

juuken3894d ago

I have an account there. Well damn, they must have banned me already. xD

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Cupid_Viper_33895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

1st, it was ps3 is "DOOMED"
2nd, it was ps3 has "NO GAMES"
3rd, it was ps3 will never outsell 360 anywhere but in Japan
4th, it was ps3 will never outsell 360 in US
5th, It was blu ray will never win
6th, it was people buy ps3 "just for bluray"
7th, it was blu ray won so what, Downlaods will kill it right away.
8th, it was MGS4 is coming to the 360
9th, it was that GT5P will not sell a lot of consoles
10th, now its the "AT THIS RATE" arguments, 60000 x 12 weeks, lol.
11th, now its the " Oh yeah, WE have have exclusive DLC, please, that`s all you`ve got until november, trust me, you need it.
12th, now its the error 800.....whatever the f*ck its called.

13th, Now its the real signs of desperation from the xbox clan, you guys dont even bother with trying to hide it anymore. you guys just get on websites, and literally, just beg people not buy ps3s, pathetic. Looking at the way you guys ran your mouthes last year, i thought you would at least take it like a man, when the reverse is true, but no, you guys had to bend over and lift your skirts to reveal your true sex, nothing but b!tches. lol, hey that was a good one. but with a price cut, you guys actually sell less, Not even HD DVD could`ve pull that one off, and they`re a dead format.

I hope some of you dont commit suicide when SONY finally announce a price cut, just let your consoles handle it, like they already are, RROD anyone.... they`re so scared, If a Ps3 is withing a 1 mile radius of a 360, then that 360 smells it, and just RROD in fear. .....sighs........... felt good to let the fanboyism out.....

uie4rhig3894d ago

you know.. i really wonder what its gonna be when the exclusive DLC doesn't sell at all (i know it will get a lot of downloads if its free, but knowing MS its not) but anyway.. wots gonna be after the DLC? my ps3 broke? lol

owell.. guess fanboyism never stops..

JasonPC360PS3Wii3895d ago

Woudn't be so bad for Sony if they didn't try and "deny" then hide it. Now they got caught, much like they spyware debacle, they only have themselves to blame. They should have just adressed the issue right from the start like MS did with the RROD. Now, they have taken a hit through out the net, in tech sites, gaming sites, and even local newspapers. It's not the actual error code that is causing so much fuss, Sony could have dealt with the problem much like MS did. It's how Sony handled it in that "oh so Sony way" that has gave them this negative press.

PirateThom3895d ago

What do you mean "got caught"?

Like Peter Moore and Microsoft "There is no RROD issue"?

gEnKiE3895d ago

Are you trying to make a point here? Your making yourself look like an idiot..... Either way, it amuses everyone here i'm sure since this article has NOTHING to do with the 360, but yet your here commenting about the article....

r10003895d ago

"They should have just adressed the issue right from the start like MS did with the RROD."

ARE YOU OUT YOUR MIND WITH THIS COMMENT.... MS seemed to have been the LAST person to finally "ADDRESS" the RROD issue with their system.

OH MY GOD... I really cannot believe you typed that man...

Qbanboi3894d ago

LOL, you thing that "MS adressed the issue from the start"???


cr33ping_death3894d ago

"They should have just adressed the issue right from the start like MS did with the RROD". LOL wow you did just type that? lol

juuken3894d ago

Really, what's your point?
Reread the article. Obviously you were blind-sighted by the big red light on your console to see that THIS IS A RARE PROBLEM. Even with the PS2 there were very rare cases in which owners would have problems with their systems. When you compare Sony's problems to M$'s, it's nothing, nada, zilch.

Get over yourself, please. I hope you don't choke on your own spittle when the PS3 emerges from this war as the victor and 360 developers start signing on to develop games.

Infolite89073894d ago

I hope what I say to you, jason 360, will not band me to the open zone but this needs to be said: Jason 360...
... that is the dumbest comment you have dared to type. That is all that I need to say.

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Fishy Fingers3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Anyone who is really interested in a piece of hardware breaking has some serious issue's. Unless it happens to YOU personally why should it concern you?

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