5 Things Modern RPGs Can Learn from EarthBound

GamesRadar - When EarthBound came out in 1994, Nintendo's cult RPG assembled a decade's worth of tropes and gave them each a swift kick in the ass. Simply put, there's nothing quite like EarthBound, and while most cite the oddball story, strange characters, and unique setting as its defining features, this classic RPG also contains a bounty of forward-thinking ideas that transform the typical turn-based action into something much more bearable.

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maniacmayhem2818d ago

Earthbound is one of the greatest RPG's ever. Whenever people have a graphics war I always point out this game. Graphics were very low by SNES standards and it didn't matter, the game was fantastic and it is rare to find gameplay, story and design that take precedent over graphics.

A crime that the US never got the sequel or there was nothing after it.