New Villians Confirmed in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Bills, Brolly, and Cell have been confirmed in the game.

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tayz2816d ago

I wasn't sure about this game before but this scan has got me hyped!!!

Deadpoolio2816d ago

Oh god stop making these garbage Dragonball Z games...It's not 1995 anymore the only people that still care about it are stuck in 1995 when it still mattered

LightningMokey2816d ago

I was born in 1992 and am stuck in 1995 wtf?


KonsoruMasuta2816d ago

Dragon Ball Z was, still is, and will always be epic.

tayz2816d ago

i was born in 1996 and i care :)

Williamson2816d ago

Well dbz didn't get popular in North America, Europe, and other places until around the year 2000 though. Its influence in anime is still evident in the latest/newest animes, I for one am glad its always going to be around.

Heisenburger2816d ago

That eight episode fight between Frieza and Goku is, to this day, one of the most awe-inspiring things I've ever watched.

Some people enjoy things that aren't hip and new.

For example: One of my favorite movies is the 1956 Gregory Peck version of Moby Dick.

Does that mean I'm stuck in the fifties, even though I am only twenty-four?

That's just plain silly.

DarkHeroZX2816d ago

Lol Goku and his Batman speech's lol.

kayoss2816d ago

Oh god stop buying dbz games then. If you don't like dbz, why the hell did you even bother to comment on the subject. For someone who hate dbz you still remember when it mattered. Did mommy not let you spike up your hair? Or did she forbid you from turning into a super saiyan. Maybe that is why you sound so bitter.

BitbyDeath2816d ago

How do you even know about DBZ? Being a deadpool fan would mean you are still stuck in 1991.

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BitbyDeath2816d ago

Looks awesome. Starting to wish the PS4 had backwards compatibility :-(

GodlyPanda1172816d ago

Cell and Frieza were my favorites!

Can't wait!

DeathScythe2816d ago

Dbz is my favorite anime of all time I just hope this game comes out good, dbz games have been struggling to find its place lately, why can't they just make a successor to budokai 3 or tenkaichi 3?