Top 5 Best Gaming Mice

Kotaku - 5 mice enter. One mouse leaves.

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XB1_PS42829d ago

Oh yeeaah, I'm in the market for a new mouse right now. Perfect timing.

Winter47th2829d ago

All you need is a Logitech G400. Top competitive players of the world are still using it for the Alien-Laser technology it has which is unmatched in tracking.

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Dasteru2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

The G400 doesn't use a laser, it is optical.

The G9X and Steelseries Sensei have the best tracking sensors currently.


The Sensei allows you to turn acceleration off completely.

Bimkoblerutso2829d ago

I agree about the G400, though it's optical, not laser. Optical will always be better in my opinion, though, until they can get the acceleration issues ironed out of a lot of laser mice.

StoneyYoshi2829d ago

Just picked up the Corsair Vengance M95 today and boy did it improve my gameplay!!

Mr Tretton2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I'm all about the Logitech G700. Wouldn't use anything else ever again that doesn't have the button number and placement equivalent (or somehow better.) Only flaw is the loose scroll wheel.

I'm amazed that people still use such low button count mice and tap dance all around the keyboard.

ElementX2829d ago

I bought a cheap $8 mouse on Amazon, the Cobra with 1600 dpi.

I was skeptical because of the price but it works good. I don't know if games really need a specific mouse but I've been playing PC games off and on for years with nothing more than a regular mouse. I don't play competitively or anything though. *shrug*

JackOfAllBlades2829d ago

+1 I had the red version of that, but recently started using this:

ElementX2829d ago

I'll bookmark and check it out, thanks

dredgewalker2829d ago

That's a good gaming mouse and it's really cheap. I've been using an a4tech x-710bh for 2 years and it's still functioning perfectly even after all the times it fell on the floor and it's also just as cheap. I strongly recommend any a4tech gaming mouse for price, performance and durability. The logitech ones are also great.

XB1_PS42829d ago

This is what I'm upgrading from right now. lol

SITH2829d ago

I use the Alienware Tact X mouse. It has two side buttons, along with the standards but also two sensitivity buttons which make transitioning from flying, driving tanks, and running on foot in Planetside 2 easy.

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The story is too old to be commented.