Cell Meet PC. PC Meet Power.

WhatIfGaming writes:

"We all know that one particular substance to the core PlayStation 3 experience is the cell processor and all the bountiful SPE's that come with it."

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DJ3846d ago

within the next 5~10 years. Depends a lot on how far Sony's willing to push the Playstation brand into PC territory; PS3 is already close, but simply lacks the basic desktop apps like iTunes, Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc.

InMyOpinion3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

The cell is basically the same thing as The PS2's "emotion engine" was, but in a new package. Tons of hype, packaged with a nice sounding name, and with no benchmark proof of what it's capable of.

The only thing we know for certain is that developers are having a hard time developing games for it, and find the 360 and standard PC architecture much easier.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3846d ago

The only reason why developers are having a hard time is because PlayStation 3 games have to be streamed earlier. The programming with the PlayStation 3 is more of a traditional coding. What the Mac use to do back in the day.

Games like Killzone 2, Haze, Uncharted:Drake's Fortune all do streaming. All consoles do stream but the PlayStation 3 was made to stream unlike the other consoles.

JsonHenry3846d ago

Right now AMD and Intel are laughing their asses off at the stupidity of this article.

JDW3846d ago

That article was really lacking in any substantial content.

JoyiusHammer3846d ago

I think you were expecting too much. It had excellent content, you're just looking to read more that just matches your expectations of "Z0MGZ CELLS FTW 5 PAGEZ"

JDW3846d ago

My actual opinion of the cell is that it is vastly overrated as a multi-purpose chip.

Given the title of the article on N4g, i was expecting some actual benchmarks on how the Cell can be used to make day to day PC use much better.

Sito3846d ago

"When you got drunk off your ass, and your neighbor Todd thought it would be a good idea to hit golf balls on a street full of houses afterwards. Thanks a lot for nothing Cell. Couldn’t help me with on with all your power could you?"

Say what?

DarkCowMoo3846d ago

Why do people try to understand the power of the Cell? no one even knows what this pointless article is trying to get, I mean let the developers DEVELOP games before concluding about the power of it.

Avto3846d ago

Well PC don't deen Cell for HD decoding ATI and Nvidia got it covered even Intel is getting the grip on that, but as for encoding from what I've heard Cell is great and also if you want to see 48 thumbnail on the screen altogether Cell's the wa to go

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